How to stop rooting

How to stop rooting
 You often get sick, getting a cold, slightly wet feet, after sitting on the bench or cold drafts; to you "stick" other ailments. Think about the factors that negatively affect your health and try to fix them.
 Try a little bit to adjust their way of life - and the risk of disease will be greatly reduced. Help in this physical activity, smoking cessation, good nutrition and other components of a healthy lifestyle. Unbalanced diet often leads to weight gain. If your waist is greater than 88 cm, to think seriously about their menu and physical activity. Revise diet, calorie count familiar dishes and try to reduce it by increasing the share of fruit and vegetables. Reduce the amount of salt consumed daily. This will help to reduce by 25% the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Try to eat as little as possible sausage, smoked sausage, canned vegetables, crackers and other products that contain large amounts of salt. Move more, walk briskly for at least thirty minutes a day. Very useful cycling, gymnastics, swimming, aerobics.

Support your immune system. Help this is one of the most powerful antioxidants - vitamin C. Strengthening the immune system, it speeds up the recovery process after diseases, is involved in carbohydrate metabolism and protects against stress and depression. The best sources of vitamin C: citrus, rose, black currant, sea buckthorn, potatoes. Increases the body's resistance to viral infections, protects the liver, regulates hormone levels is another antioxidant - vitamin A. It is important to get it in sufficient quantities. It contains vegetables yellow and green, apricots, peaches, apples, beans, liver, eggs. In order to protect the cells from damage by free radicals to the human body needs a third antioxidant - vitamin E. Add the amount you can by eating vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, cereals, legumes, liver and egg yolk.

An important factor that increases the body's resistance to disease is hardening. To strengthen the immune system, do Kneipp and more walk in the fresh air.

Devote more time to sleep. With regular lack of sleep people ages faster, reducing the duration of their lives by an average of three years. Body for a rest you need at least eight hours of sound sleep.

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