How to start hardening

How to start hardening
 Hardening increases the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors. It usually begin in childhood, but it's too late to do it and an adult. Full hardening involves the systematic execution of complex procedures, such as sun and air baths, sponging, dousing, douches, swimming in the ponds.
 Fresh air.

Regardless of the weather air baths need to take each day. Summer morning enough to stand a minute or two in the fresh air and come back into the room. The residence time in the air gradually increases. After returning to the room to warm up the muscles need to do some physical exercises. Useful daily walk barefoot on the floor - from 1 minute every 7 days, add a 1 minute duration to bring foot 15 minutes.


Take them to 11 o'clock. Solar rays stimulate hematopoiesis and metabolism, promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin melanin formation, strengthen the nervous system, increases the body's resistance. Need to start sunbathing with 5 minutes a day, gradually bringing exposure to the sun to 2 hours.

Water treatments.

Start with wiping cloth or sponge. Water must be slightly heated or at room temperature. After procedures rub the body dry with a rough towel to redness. Water treatments are carried out at a room temperature of 18-20 ° C. The second stage - pouring. Stuff pouring water from a temperature of 30 ° C, dropping gradually to 15 ° C. After getting used to the cold water, go to contrasting capita (alternating 40 seconds of hot and cold water). Depending on the procedure being repeated 3-4 times. This is an active charging for nerve endings and blood vessels of the skin.

Swimming in natural water or river.

Start water at a temperature of not less than 20 ° C. In the water, you must keep moving than it is colder, the more movement. The duration of swimming up to 5 minutes. Bathing in the hole the last stage of water hardening, preparation of the body is carried to it gradually. The duration depends on the fitness swimming. Coming out of the water, you need to wipe dry with a towel, doing some exercise, get dressed and warm.

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