How to sleep quickly

How to sleep quickly
 Life is in full swing, sweeping the speed of light, for which it is very difficult to keep up. And modern man is the most mobilized to take from this life "in full". And most importantly, what he sacrifices to achieve their goals - it's free time and sleep. But knowing that it harms their health, he wants to make the reduction of sleep safer.
 Make sleep shorter able to sleep a few hours a day, learn to sleep like Da Vinci 1, 5 hours a day - more than the topical issues of our time. You can see every option for reducing sleep, but not one of them shall not be good. Yes, great people, geniuses could not afford a long sleep, however, for this nature could not afford for them long life.

Particularly prone to thinking about the futility of sleep young, healthy people. So far, they are saved natural young, active, although they may be used and Energy, and caffeine in unlimited quantities, and even medications stimulants. As a result, they have a lot of time to take pride in the status of "Sleepless", but the body and the nervous system are worn 3-4 times faster.

And, nevertheless, the problem remains, both young and mature people know that are harmful to health, but sometimes it becomes urgent need - to reduce your sleep. You can try to do it, but gradually and continuously measure the performance of their health and fatigue in a similar reduction. Some rules of healthy sleep make it as efficiently as possible:

1. Sleep - is the natural recovery of the body. During this time, the immune system checks all tissues and functions. The more the body is intoxicated, the presence of a foci of the disease, the longer it will take to rebuild it. Accordingly, in order to reduce the sleep time, you must initially purify the body, intestines, blood vessels, lower cholesterol, remove toxins.

2. When quitting smoking (if any) can safely take one o'clock sleep without any adverse effects.

3. If the right to catch their own sleep phase - fast and free from chalking and wake up in the fast phase (dreaming), then feel refreshed and sleep. However, do not abuse it. Interruption of the fast phase is harmful, because this time is the information processing of the brain and nervous system recovery.

4. Ideally - a man must wake up alone, without an alarm clock. That it does not spread over 10-12 hours, it is necessary to improve the quality of sleep, and they are: the absence of stress before bedtime or increased mental activity, a light supper for 2-3 hours, walking at a slow pace in the open air for 10-15 minutes with a deep, smooth breathing, airing bedrooms, elimination of noise (the clock ticking, the operating sound equipment and even music), warm relaxing bath with a pleasant aroma, but without salt (sea salt activates and tones the body), comfortable clothes to sleep.

And finally, do not abuse sleeping pills. Its action is based on the redemption of brain activity to a full recovery and rehabilitation has nothing to do. And as a rule, from pills and potions still has not had enough sleep and woke up refreshed.

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