How to reduce sleep time

How to reduce sleep time
 Standard delivery time for sleep - eight hours. That's how much time is necessary to the human body to recover and relax. Small deviations from the norm are acceptable, but if you spend a dream more than ten hours, you should adjust your regimen.
 Determine the optimal sleep and wakefulness, which will allow you to sleep and maintain activity. The time between 9 pm and midnight is the most favorable period for brain relaxation. So if you go to bed at 22 o'clock, then your brain is actively restored, and this affects the state of intelligence and vitality.

Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time - your individual biorhythms should be clearly laid out. Any failure leads to a decrease in efficiency, you need more time to rest and sleep. If you go to after midnight, you can sleep peacefully and to10-11 hours losing a few hours of precious time.

In parallel mode to establish a meal - a tight dinner violates your performance, you want to sleep. Try not to overeat ever, especially before going to bed - late suppers are dangerous not only by the appearance of excess weight, but also a violation of a full night's rest, because the digestive organs continue to work.

Develop the habit of doing morning exercises and take a contrast shower. The more active you will behave in the morning, the less you'll luxuriate in bed, the faster the body to wake up. Buy a Service with a cheerful call, push yourself immediately get out of bed and start the morning toilet. If you allow yourself to be in bed after the signal, you can easily fall asleep again. Clean windows with thick and dark curtains - let the rising sun wakes you up, because in the light room you wake up faster.

Do not overdrive before bedtime - do not drink coffee and other refreshing drinks, not engage in physical exercise, do not watch TV. Prepare your body and mind to rest and then you fall asleep faster at the appropriate time.

In the process of transition to a new sleep mode, use the practical ways that allow the body to adapt more quickly. Every evening translate arrows alarm for 5 minutes ago by the previous boom - the so a few weeks you get used to getting up an hour or two before, and your internal biorhythms be reconstructed smoothly.

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