How to protect your eyes

How to protect your eyes
 The famous writer Leo Tolstoy stated: "Eyes - the mirror of the soul." However, even in the most clear mirror due to improper care may stain. TV, Internet, strong artificial light negatively affect vision. Therefore, you should make every effort to keep this "mirror".
 The human eye is one of the most delicate organs. As a party to the majority of workers action, it needs care indispensable. Often people do not think that is constantly subjected to constant stress his muscles. Prolonged sitting at the computer, as well as long watching television, can provoke a strong decrease in vision.

To avoid this, we must learn to relax the eye muscles. To do this, perform a simple exercise. Need to lie on your back, close your eyes and place your palms on the eyes crossed so that the center of the palms were placed in front of the cornea. Followed by a space mentally to paint before your eyes in black - this will relieve the tension from the muscles.

It should also be reasonable alternate work and leisure. Every forty or fifty minutes of work to do a five-minute break, during which it is advisable to charge for the eyes. It is necessary to move the eyeballs left and right, up and down, they do a circular motion, often blink. All these exercises will help better moisten the cornea and reduce stress.

To protect eyesight, you must fully fed. Should eat as much vitamin A, is responsible for an increase in visual acuity at night and the natural growth of the retina. It is found in carrots, bell peppers, and apricots.

Eyes never touch dirty hands - otherwise it can lead to the development of acute conjunctivitis. As a result of contact with the eye infection it can become inflamed connective sheath. To avoid this, you must thoroughly wash their hands before touching their eyes.

When injected into the eye mote be sure to contact the appropriate specialist. In no case can not try to remove it yourself. This may lead to ingress of bacteria into the damaged epithelium and the development of one of the most serious diseases - corneal ulcer.

And, of course, should be regularly examined by a specialist ophthalmologist. It will help keep your vision sharp and clear, which will give the opportunity to fully enjoy life in all its manifestations.

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