How to meditate

How to meditate
 Learn to purify your mind from unnecessary thoughts, step back from the problems can every woman. It is enough to master the art of relaxation meditation - this guided meditation is most effective in our days. It allows you to receive an additional source of heat and attention to lose the burden of problems.
 This lady today - a woman who not only looks great, but also earns itself. Naturally, after a busy weekdays want to finally get the desired peace and tranquility. But to achieve this prevent stress, constant nervousness, thinking about tomorrow.

Meditation brings to the desired effect, it is important to carry out this process. Otherwise, instead of relaxation you get more negative emotions. How to meditate? The answer is simple - follow a few simple rules, and you need all turn out.

Rule one. Need to meditate in a quiet, calm atmosphere alone. No one should disturb you. It is better to be alone in a room or bathroom.

The second rule. It is important to create the right atmosphere so that you can fully concentrate on yourself. To do this, turn the dim lights, soft music quietly, choose the appropriate flavors. As an ideal fit tunes: classical, singing choir, as well as the sounds of nature (whisper of the waves, wind noise).

Aromas of vanilla, select, ylang-ylang and orange, especially if you plan to meditate in the morning. For total relaxation necessarily need odors of valerian and patchouli.

Rule three. Choose the right pose. In no case can not meditate on a chair or bed. The best option - the lotus posture. If you can not immediately accept it, try to get a blanket with knees bent legs. But if you are uncomfortable - experiment. You must be comfortable and at the same time you need to be very concentrated.

And finally. After the meditation, be sure to take vigorous shower. Would be the best contrast (change of cold and hot). This is a very useful procedure for fixing effect.

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