How to Increase Your Metabolism

How to Increase Your Metabolism
 Often people hoping to lose weight, do not take into account such factors as metabolism (metabolism). It is responsible for what, how fast and how food is processed into energy, and this energy is consumed. Thus, accelerated metabolism will promote weight loss. And to start this process is quite simple.
 First of all, forget about the starvation diet. After all, the digestion of food the body spends up to 10% of total calories. On average, women need 1500 calories a day. In the event that the body gets smaller, it begins to store all eaten at the "rainy day".

In addition, we must not forget "run" your metabolism in the morning. To do this, you need to eat breakfast. No wonder the saying that breakfast should be eaten itself, and dinner give the enemy. And to maintain the desired level of metabolic need to eat at least 5 times per day. This does not mean that every 2 hours you can eat a piece of chocolate cake and not get fat. Observe the general level of calories is still necessary.

Balance your diet. Body expends more energy digesting proteins and carbohydrates than fat. Therefore, a diet based on the rejection of proteins and carbohydrates, do not bring lasting results. The weight comes back again and again.

Metabolism increase and some substance. This coffee and tea. Caffeine stimulates the heart, which is also on calorie consumption. But as much as 25% increase in metabolism will help capsaicin. This material gives pungent taste like pepper and spices.

To increase the calories required to increase the total muscle mass. Thus, to increase metabolism needed exercise. In this case, they should be of two types: to reduce the level of fat in the body and increase muscle mass. Body spends calories not only during exercise, but also after it. 60 minutes of aerobic exercise can increase the metabolism of 7 hours.

To physical activity include sex. Besides the fact that when doing them spend a large amount of energy, oxygen saturates all tissues, speeding up the metabolism. Also, the body emits a large amount of blood endorphin or "happiness hormone", which also stimulate metabolism.

Check the condition of the thyroid gland. Allocated its hormones can both increase and decrease the metabolism. Therefore, in the countryside, poor content of iodine, iodine-containing drugs are recommended to take. But we should remember that excess trace element just as harmful as its drawback.

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