How to improve metabolism

How to improve metabolism
 To maintain the shape and health of the entire body, most people try to speed up the metabolism. This is particularly relevant topic for those who are over 40 years, since after this age the metabolism slows down existing physiological laws.
 Currently, there are several basic ways to increase metabolism. Primarily these include physical exertion, and increasing muscle growth. This is due to the fact that every kilogram of muscle mass every day consumes 6 calories for their livelihoods. With an increase in physical activity as the muscles begin to move and increase the rate of metabolic processes. Very useful regular classes in fitness centers or gyms and aerobics and jogging are most effective for this purpose. In addition, the recommended daily walks in the sport pace (at least 5 km) and, of course, morning exercise.

Secondly, it is necessary to adjust the diet. There should be small portions with a time interval between meals to 4 hours. In this case, it is desirable to separate meals to prepare dishes of interoperable products. Necessarily on the menu should be a food rich in proteins (lean meats and fish, nuts, eggs, legumes, dairy products with low fat content), significantly activates metabolism. Play an important role and so spices like red and green peppers, which in small quantities must be present in food. It should be noted that strict diet in which the discharge occurs due to the weight reduction of muscle mass, ultimately slows metabolic processes, so to accelerate the metabolism of intensive diets should be avoided.

Third, for the processing of calories consumed water is needed. Therefore, the amount of fluid intake should be communicated from 1 5 to 2 liters per day. It is desirable to drink a glass of unsweetened and any non-carbonated beverage half an hour before a meal. Experts advise to add water ice, which helps burn more calories during the digestive process. The most popular is to speed up the metabolic processes natural green tea. Short-term effect and gives black coffee (no sugar), but they should not be abused. Also useful fruits containing fluid and fiber.

In addition, now in pharmacies sell special food supplements and herbal extracts that contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, but prior to use, carefully read the instructions or consult your physician regarding their use.

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