How to douche

How to douche
 Few people love the morning. Most difficult to come up from the warm soft embrace BLANKET a harsh reality. However, to do so still have. Emerged, and forward - to the bustle, traffic jams, smog, shouts superiors and others. But first, of course, television. And it is desirable contrast. It will help cheer up the body, mind, soul, and to prepare for urgent cases the come day.
 Most people take a shower in the morning. But it is often warm cozy little rain that washes away almost nightly slumber. Those who dared to prefer douche. And their body responds to them with gratitude.

Contrast procedures strengthen the immune system and, therefore, are excellent prevention of acute respiratory disease, SARS. Shower with alternating hot and cold water strengthens the skin, improves blood circulation, removes tselyullit and has many more beneficial effects on the body.

How to take a douche and where to start? Caught "enthusiasts" who immediately begin with a maximum temperature difference. Do not. Shower - stressful procedure, and to stress, albeit positive, the body must be trained gradually.

During the first 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to take a shower a comfortable temperature. And only once during the entire procedure to include cold water for 5-10 seconds. After a couple of weeks, you should increase the number of inclusions of cold water to two. Then three. Three of alternating hot and cold water is optimal for a single procedure.

Now with regard to the temperature. First difference should be minimal. Gradually, the difference must be increased, bringing it up to the maximum.

Procedure during the reception procedure is also very important. To start soak a few seconds under warm water to body is used. Then turn on the hot 50-60 seconds. Followed by 20-30 seconds of exposure to cold water, and then the same amount of time - hot. Cold again, this time at least one minute. Again hot - 60 seconds. Complete the cold douche.

Be careful. Water should affect the whole body, including the head. Wrong will take douches, spraying only part of which is below the neck.

And finally, the classic procedure is completed will be rubbing. Take a towel and rub them thoroughly. This massage will warm you up after the last cold perfusion, improve blood circulation, nourishing, and fully prepare the body for a new day.

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