How to deal with the solar starvation

How to deal with the solar starvation
In autumn and winter, many people begin to feel unwell. In these cold times of the year we did not have enough vitamins, solar heat and light. Vitamin preparations and biological additives now set, people can protect themselves from the cold with warm clothes, but with a lack of sunlight have to fight.

Some basic features of a lack of sunlight. These include: disturbances in the menstrual cycle in women, bad mood, spleen, decreased immunity, drowsiness, lethargy, confusion. Such a reaction to solar starvation is quite understandable, because in the autumn and winter the sun ceases to indulge us with their warm and life-giving rays.

There are several ways to overcome solar starvation. The most important and basic of them, as corny as it sounds - it is a solarium. Not necessarily to sunbathe in it until the chocolate color, it will be enough just to spend wellness treatments with short duration of the session. In addition, daily visits to the solarium is not required, you can go to the solarium, two or three times a week.

However, not everyone can afford a solarium - for some it's expensive, someone it is contraindicated for health reasons. In this case, you can use a simple and useful ways of improvement. Should pay particular attention to the mode of the day. Best of all, if a person goes to sleep and wakes up in the morning at the same time. For more sunlight is necessary for a walk, hiking.

At work, you can sit closer to the window, in the lunch breaks to go outside, walk to the nearby shop or cafe. On a sunny day it is necessary to walk longer, enjoying the warm and gentle rays of the sun.

The diet must include as many vegetables and fruits. Especially useful for fasting sunny citrus fruits, beets, greens, carrots. We should not forget about the full saturation of the body with vitamins and trace elements, such as ascorbic acid, magnesium, calcium, carotene, zinc, iodine and many others.

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