How to cheer up

How to cheer up
 Mood - it's so fragile and fickle thing that can change (and especially the port) a person several times a day. The reasons for these differences may be quite different - from a broken nail to broken machines. It is foolish to resist the bad mood when there is a whole lot of different ways to pick it up.

The easiest, but effective way - this is the cause of spoiled the mood to share with friends. They always help you understand and find a way out. And if they have themselves been in such a situation, happy to share with you the experience. In addition, you can escape together and have a great time.

If your friends were far away, do not despair, look away from bad thoughts you can have a good comedy or a favorite movie.

And you can just turn on loud music and sing along. Well, what if the neighbors do not like it, you'll have to sacrifice their own benefit.

Cleaning - it's a good therapy. Two birds kill: and understand all the trash, dusting for years, and quietly leave the bad thoughts.

Another way, which is really suitable only for those who know how to play musical instruments - is to delve into the music for a while. And if your piano or guitar for a long time abandoned you, along with your fingers kneaded and remember that you know how.

Without going too far from the musical art, we turn to the fine. When the last time you painted? Probably in kindergarten or primary school. So it's time to remember how to hold the brush and pencil in hand, at the same time and then laugh with friends over their artistry. By the way, if you're being insulted or angered, and it can portray. Believe me, it's quite pleasant procedure.
By the way, chocolate and bananas - beautiful antidepressants. Do yourself a holiday belly and improve mood.

But for a strong half a great way to get rid of the blues - throw their energy and negative emotions in the gym. Good helper in this case pear. Here again some advantages: support and shape and mood rises.

In any case, do not have to succumb to a temporary decline in mood and aggravate the situation, because the mood we can do for themselves.

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