How to avoid poisoning

How to avoid poisoning
 Food poisoning can happen as a result of the use of products in which the accumulated toxins from pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. To avoid poisoning, you must follow all the rules of storage and cooking.
 When you buy, always check the expiry date and do not take those products that you will not be able to use until the expiry date. Pay attention to the integrity of the package and do not buy rotten fruits and vegetables. Perishable products take the least, and as soon as you come home put them in the fridge.

Make sure that the temperature does not exceed + refrigerator 4 ° C in a freezer and - 18 ° C below zero. And ready-perishable foods and dishes which were not used, keep it in the refrigerator no later than 2 hours after their preparation or acquisition.

Fresh meat, fish and poultry are frozen in the day of purchase until you are ready to cook them immediately. Large volume is divided into several parts, each of which freeze separately to avoid repeated freezing. Opened packages of meat products placed in a separate container to juice or blood did not get on other foods.

Before preparing food, always wash your hands with hot soapy water. If during the cooking process you had to go to the bathroom or change a diaper baby, be sure to wash your hands again. Sponges for dishwashing change at least once a week, as they accumulate food particles, is a good breeding ground for bacteria.

Kitchen towels wash using the washing machine in the boiling mode. Cutting boards, spoons, plates, and the rest of the kitchen equipment, always wash in hot water with detergent.

If you use the same board for butchering vegetables and meat, the first to be processed fruits and vegetables, then completely wash the board with detergent, and then process the fish or meat.

Take care about the correct separation storage products. Do not store ready-to-eat foods with raw meat, seafood and eggs. Also, do not put them in a bowl out of raw foods. Plates and storage containers must be perfectly clean.

When cooking, always observe the temperature and check the readiness of products. Remember that the required temperature for cooking meat should not be below 71oS, but for the whole bird - 82 ° C. Meat and fish are considered ready only after their juice becomes transparent, and the fibers are easily separated with a fork.

When a table, always use clean utensils. Do not put cooked dishes in those plates, which were used for food storage or preparation. Depending on the temperature in the room can be finished food safe from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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