Holds its shape, preparing the body for autumn

Holds its shape, preparing the body for autumn
 Not every person able to replace autumn hot sun, and the working day a pleasant holiday. But that's to create a gentle treatment in his own life, which will be able to maintain your energy, you are able to. This series of actions is complex and consists of diet, physical exercise and body care. It compliance with such actions will help you prepare your body for the fall.

Daily hygiene healthy person is at least 15-20 thousand steps. This provision includes: travel around the apartment, the way to work, walking the stairs. That is - all the steps that each person performs on a daily basis. As a rule, such service and domestic travel must leave at least two hours or 6-7 thousand steps. In this case, you do not have enough for about 3-4 thousand. That is one of the active walking, calculated for 1 hour.

Norma steps must be followed daily. Then you will be able to avoid inactivity and provide themselves with muscle activity, without losing "in shape".

In the autumn period, which is associated with prolonged periods of sitting or standing in one place, is very effective morning warm-up gymnastics:

- Lie on your back in a comfortable position, legs slightly bent at the joints, do 10 curls, and then extension of each joint.
- Change the position of the hands to warm up. Lie on your right side in a comfortable position and mash all the joints of his left hand, from fingers to shoulder. Then turn on the left side and "wake up" right hand.

Watch out for hygiene movements when doing recharging. In this case, any muscle tension alternating with relaxation or change of position.

In autumn, many women tend to gain weight. It is related to physical activity and nutrition. Be careful not to portions before eating drink a glass of liquid in small sips - then to stave off hunger portions reduced by one third.

Avoid diets, especially short-term - after the ones you still typed back the dropped pounds.

Be sure to eat every day at least one apple and chew all his seed. Indeed, in the grains of one apple contains a daily intake of iodine.

Eat more fresh produce. Raw vegetables should be included in your daily menu.

Converging tan leaves behind dead skin cells, which, if not removed, will zashlakovyvat your skin.

Clear pores from dead skin cells to help a variety of scrubs and self-massage. Every day, after a shower massage your whole body with his hand while rolling up grains "soaked" skin. This procedure activates blood circulation and remove dead skin cells.

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