Healing sleep

Healing sleep
 Influence of sleep on the human body have studied the ancient Greeks. They have also been observed that often in a time when a person sleeps, his condition is improving, and in some cases even comes complete healing of the disease. Why and how it happens, scientists can not explain to the end and so far, but the treatment of different types of sleep disorders individual use along with pills, injections and physiotherapy.
 Different treatments sleep doctors have long been known. In medical practice, widespread electric, medical and hypnotic sleep.

Medical dream involves the use of specific, individually tailored doses of sleeping pills. Patients prescribed drugs and provide a comfortable environment for sleep - blackout, peace and quiet, a warm bed, delicious food and so forth. In carrying out these purposes, a person sleeps up to 10-14 hours, more than in the normal state. In this manner, treat some diseases of the nervous system, but it is contraindicated in patients with multiple sclerosis and cerebral and coronary vessels with circulatory failure.

Electrosleep based on the effects on the brain weak pulses of electric current, causing a person is immersed in the dream state. It is used to treat certain neuropsychiatric disease, hypertension I and II degree of toxicosis in pregnant women, enuresis, stuttering, etc. But contraindications this method a lot (hypertension III degree, myocardial infarction, inflammatory diseases of the eye, and others.).

Actively used by physicians and therapists hypnotic sleep. With the help of experts relieve people from fears, change attitude to the problems, relieve some physical ailments, such as chronic allergies, hypertension, skin diseases. Man creates the right conditions for a peaceful and long rest and enter into a state of sleep. If he responds poorly to suggestion, before the advent of hypnosis in addition gets some fast-acting sleeping pills.

Healing sleep, prescribed by a doctor, used for the treatment of serious diseases. But for the people is a healing and a normal sleep. How Come? Watching the sleeping, the researchers noted that during sleep have many muscles relax, slow and weak heart beats. Slows down the blood flow in the brain, kidneys and liver. People breathe more evenly and deeply. But when the activity of some of waning, others are stepping up their work (such as sweat glands). Some systems of the body, even more active than during wakefulness. These changes in the body contribute to the restoration of the vital resources that were consumed the night before.

Many physicians believe that in today's society with its hectic lifestyle people sleep much less than is needed for the body to its full rehabilitation. As a result, there comes a chronic fatigue and depression, the person becomes very irritable and more aggressive. On this basis, may appear many diseases of the nervous system.

What are people doing to overcome weakness and chronic sleep deprivation? Practically nothing. Even those who try to lead a healthy lifestyle, paying most attention to nutrition and physical education. On the same healthy and high-grade dream afterthought. And in vain, because enough to go to bed on time, creating good conditions for recreation, and many ailments recede. People will wake up rested in a good mood, full of strength and energy.

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