Harmony with nature improves health

Harmony with nature improves health
 Being imperfect living being, the lack of human instincts are always compensated for the work of his mind. However, neither the achievements of science, nor the technical perfection of the modern world can not give people the most expensive, which can be a living creature - harmony and health. To purchase these values ​​need to stay in his escape from nature and turn 180 degrees, returning back to her bosom.
 The abundance of artificial substances in our food made it more diverse, but, unfortunately, less healthy. You can teach your digestion to eat only exotic dishes, but more natural for the body is the use of crops traditionally taken place in our area. Eat fruits of the season, do not neglect the fish, nuts, honey - a storehouse of nutrients. And the use gazirovok, non-natural sweets, foods flavor and color to a minimum.

Very often the modern man is no time for their own health. Headache pills made jam from colds to make quick money and run to work. But there is nothing more dangerous than to hurt "on their feet." Adults should often recall the principles of hardening, which they were taught in childhood: dress for the season, but not Kuta; Do not forget to ventilate your home, even (especially!) in the winter; seek to use vitamins and nutrients in a natural, not artificially synthesized form.

As soon as a man - being natural, there are some things inherent in it by nature. These include a biorhythm. Listen to yourself and determine their hours of greatest activity and try to move all the important things on time. Do not neglect sleep: less than 6 hours a night's rest seriously harm your health. Do not try to catch up on sleep on the weekends working week - "material transfer" is no less dangerous.

Though sometimes useful to change the program with the rest of restaurants, cafes, bowling for more eco-friendly entertainment. Try to regularly get out into the fresh air to be away from the noise, air pollution. If there is no garden, you can just go for a day in the woods and parks. Add more fun to your holidays in the lap of nature, noting the holidays at a picnic and doing outdoor sports in season.

Postulates, in tune with the above, preaches Ayurveda - the ancient Indian doctrine, according to which the spiritual and physical nature are inextricably linked. Delving into it, you can find a lot of useful and outlook, and for everyday life in harmony with nature, others and ourselves. It is no coincidence yoga gathers more and more adherents around the world.

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