Harmful than alcohol

Harmful than alcohol
 Alcohol causes irreparable harm to the body. But often heavy drinkers underestimate the brunt of the effects of regular drinking of wine and vodka. Perhaps this is due to the lack of information about the processes occurring after the adoption of strong drink.
 Adopted by the dose of alcohol begins to exert its effect immediately. The first blow falls on the gastric mucosa. Over time, it becomes thinner, damaged and develops a number of diseases: gastritis, ulcers, cancer. No less affected enzyme system. Under the influence of alcohol, it is always depressed.

Infiltrating in the stomach, alcohol begins to actively absorbed. It react quickly red blood cells - red blood cells. They stick together, because of which their ability to carry oxygen drops to 80%. From severe hypoxia begins to suffer every organ, but the brain to a greater extent. Malnutrition leads to irreversible damage.

Exposure to ethanol has a detrimental effect on the central nervous system. Temporary inhibition of its function as a result of becoming permanent. Irreversible changes in brain makes a person arrested, inadequate, mentally unstable, forgetful, indifferent to change perceptions about life and everything happening. Often with chronic alcohol poisoning develops alcoholic epilepsy.

Regular drinking of alcoholic beverages causes irreversible changes in the internal organs. Gradually, sometimes without any signs of disease develop serious heart, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys, blood, and metabolism. Disturbed immune system, increases the risk of stroke and atherosclerosis, diabetes, pancreatic necrosis, hepatosis, malignancies.

Effects of alcohol on the liver stands out separately because ethanol processing takes place in the liver. The consequences are damage and necrosis of hepatocytes (with direct toxic effects), bile stasis and inflammation of the gallbladder and its ducts, lipid metabolism, degeneration of liver cells by fat cells. Develop alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis.

Alcohol is a factor in the development of hypertension, heart attacks, strokes. It is caused by damage to blood cells, vascular, metabolic disorders, which results in the deposition of various vascular plaques, making the walls thin and fragile. Because of the changes disrupted the normal blood supply to the heart muscle and brain tissue, causing hemorrhage and necrosis.

Systematic use of alcoholic beverages causes sexual weakness and impotence. Determination of the concentration of alcohol is present in the semen. Sperm are already changing the genetic code, so often the offspring are born with congenital malformations, mental disorders, behavioral disorders. Alcohol easily passes the placental barrier during pregnancy and with the same success passes into breast milk.

Harm from alcohol appears even when using small doses of it, because it increases the load on the liver and pancreas. Sooner or later, even strong body becomes unable to regenerate itself. So there is alcohol dependence and already fully formed concomitant disease.

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