Gymnastics for the eyes - against fatigue and short-sightedness!

Gymnastics for the eyes - against fatigue and short-sightedness!
 Eyes - very gentle and sensitive organ. And considering how much stress he is experiencing, it is evident that the ability to properly relax the eyes, thus avoiding the development of myopia.

There are many sets of exercises for the eyes. The most common of them - to improve vision and eye relaxation.

Complexes for improved vision designed to strengthen the eye muscles, which also contributes to slowing down skin aging in the eye area. Powered complex includes three simple exercises.

1. Pointing fingers must be placed on the outer corners of the eyes, nameless - on the inside and middle fingers should be in the middle of the eyebrows. Eyes at the same time should be closed. Now we need to try and narrowed his eyes (they were closed before the exercise). Repeat four times.

2. In the next exercise will need to open your eyes with two fingers - index and middle. When this finger is to be in the corner of the outer side of the lower eyelid and the index on. Maintaining eyes open, you need to wink, giving first glance to the left, and then - to the right. This exercise should be done 8 times.

3. Now you need to close your eyes and relax. Then slowly open them and look into the distance. Closed again while the eyelids to close tightly, and so do three times.

Exercises to relax the eyes is particularly relevant for those who have a lot of time at your computer.

1. Without moving your head you should try to see as much as possible above, below, and on both sides as far as possible.

2. Without turning his head, describe eyes as much as possible the circle alternately in both directions.

3. To perform eye movements to the right and to the left, as if watching a big pendulum.

4. Now you need to frequently and quickly two minutes blink.

5. closed his eyes forever, then open your eyes widely.

6. Make sure the eyes of the tip of a pen that you want to move from side to side.

7. To direct gaze into the distance, beyond the horizon. Quickly translate it to the middle finger outstretched in front of him. Again and again into the distance on a finger. View so you need to transfer 10 times.

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