Gymnastics for the eyes

Gymnastics for the eyes
 Everyone who cares about his vision, it is necessary to do exercises for the eyes. This is especially important if you spend time on the computer. A few simple exercises will help keep you eyes and make them possible, even getting out of the workplace.

Exercises for the eyes to make a snap. Try it - and you'll soon notice that become less tired and better view, including at dusk. This workout will not spoil your make-up on this matter can not be afraid.

1. zazhmurte eyes as much as possible, and then open them wide. When will take a few seconds, do the same thing again.

2. Take a deep breath, and then start to rotate the pupils in a clockwise direction. Continue this exercise for some time, then exhale. Now close your eyes again and do the same.

3. Focus look at something in the distance located. The distance should be no less than 10-15 m. If you work in an office, then to select a remote object, look out the window. Then look at something that is standing near you. Do this several times. During the day, periodically repeat this exercise. On average, this waste of about 5 minutes a day, or a little more.

4. Look into the distance. Consider the fact that there is approximately 30 seconds, no less.

5. Look in front of you. Pull the finger, focus your eyes on it, move it from side to side, changing trajectory. All this time Keep your eyes from the fingertip. Keep your head still.

6. Often, those who work at the computer, you can find the so-called syndrome of "dry eye". People forget to blink, and mucous eyeball is not enough hydrated. To avoid this, from time to time need to frequently-often several times to blink and do not forget to periodically squeezes his eyes shut and a few seconds to keep your eyes closed.

Eye muscles need exercise and stress, so it's good if you can work out, useful, including for the view. Tennis, swimming and badminton - great. Necessary load muscles get not only the eye but also neck area.

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