Gymnastics for depression

Gymnastics for depression
 During the depression, it is important to be in motion and be able to relax completely. Get rid of depression and keep your body in good shape will help some light exercise, which should be done in the morning after sleep.
 Take a deep breath and put your hands in front of him to the level of the chest. In this case, the palm should be turned up, thumbs - facing each other. At the end of inhalation, expand the palm down and discouraged sharp movements on the exhale, as if pushing the palm down. Lower the palm of your hand to the level of the hips with each exhalation. Repeat three times. This exercise will clear breath.

Stimulation of the lung cells. Inspiratory easily tapping his fingertips on the chest, moving from bottom to top - up to the collarbone. Breath, hold your breath and rubs his chest with his hands, first from mid-chest to the outside, then from mid-chest to the lower edge of the ribs. Repeat this seven times.

Straighten your back and shoulders relax. Take a deep breath and make a few circular motions of the head to one side, exhale. In the next breath, repeat the movements of the head to the other side, exhale.

Lower straight arms along the body and collect in a fist hand. Along with the smooth breath lift direct hands over his head. Breathe in, hold your breath and make three maha to shoulder level. Then quickly exhale through the mouth wide open, fists clenched. Repeat three times.

Starting position is the same. Along with the smooth breath lift your straight arm to shoulder level, spreading them apart and opening the chest. Breathe in, hold your breath and make five strides, reducing and spreading his hands. In the last movement, leave your hands in front of chest and exhale quickly, unclenching his fists. Repeat three times.

Sit in a chair. Place your left foot on the right knee, grabbed her right hand and make a circular motion in one direction and then the other. Change the foot and repeat. Do this four times.

Lying on the floor, a little raskinte arms and legs. Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Hold your breath, exhale. Repeat three times.

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