Fitness for the mind ...

Fitness for the mind ...
 To many years stay in shape is not enough to save a beautiful body, it should also not forget about the liveliness of his mind, that somehow requires its strengthening through a variety of exercises. In another way, this process can be called fitness for the mind.  

There is no single version of brain training, but as a rule, they all have in common. Solution of various problems not only makes your thinking clearer, but also develops the logic and imagination. This process requires you to the most extraordinary decisions than interesting and unexpected is your answer, the faster your reaction. Think about the simplest things: why do you have exactly such wallpaper on the walls, try to think about what they depict. The more interesting is your answer, the better developed your imagination and, according to psychologists, the ability to find a way out of difficult situations.

Fitness for the mind contributes to the definition of evaluating your inner vision. Check it's pretty simple: look at any object in the room and on the eye, determine its distance from you, and then measure the gap with a ruler. The conclusion is that the closer your answer to the right, so you can more objectively assess the situation. Important when performing such exercises not be a place that is they should be diverse in their subject matter.

Try reading a book upside down, and then define the sound emitted by the lamp. Under these different exercises involving different parts of the brain that contributes to the development of your mind as a whole.

What's interesting, "fitness for the mind" - is not just a decision of non-standard tasks. If we consider such exercises similar to lifting weights physical, finding the most ingenious solution corresponds to raising the largest weight. Of pulses arriving in the hemisphere, increases the growth of nerve cells, reduced gray matter loss, activation of some genes, improves blood flow. All these factors contribute to improve brain performance, in particular the improvement of concentration and attention. Scientists note that such simple exercises slow down the drying of the brain in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Well, doing a fitness routine, do not forget that the brain is also required load and raduyte its interesting challenges every day.

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