Down with the spring blues

Down with the spring blues
 Spring - time to love. How much joy brings the first warm days and spread greenery. There is a desire to do their appearance. However, after a few days you start to feel tiredness and frequent changes of mood. This spring melancholy, the cause of which lies in the change of vitamin deficiency and cold season to warm.

The main reason is the lack of spleen spring sunlight. Therefore, at every opportunity, get out for a walk. Bright spring rays stimulate brain activity of man, charging the body with positive energy for the whole day.

Start with a small sunbathing. Immediately after waking up stand up to the window, move the curtains and let the sun's rays to fully capture your eyes. Look at the bright light. This energy boost throughout the day.

Pay attention to your diet. Spring diet should include more proteins. These foods will not only improve mood, but also improve attention, memory. Every day, eat eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese.

It is known that help improve mood and psychological methods. Assist your neighbor, and you immediately feel the change. Just show concern, because so many people around us who need it. Taking this behavior for a rule, you will soon forget what a bad morning mood.

Improve the condition of the organism with the help of breathing exercises. Breathe deeply for five minutes. Since the organs can do more oxygen, so much needed energy.

Spleen helps eliminate spring white tea. Minimal processing of this tea can save a maximum of nutrients. Therefore tea improves attention calms the nervous system. In addition, white tea perfectly quenches thirst, and promotes the formation of energy.

Bad mood often appears as a result of monotony. Modern man lives on the thumb scheme, which is detrimental effect on his psychological and physiological health. To avoid this, change your habits. Go to work the other way, and after a day treat yourself to something nice.

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