Down with chronic fatigue!

Down with chronic fatigue!
 Today, chronic fatigue syndrome has reached such proportions that it is already possible to enter in sick leave. Yes, if you do not want to go to work in the morning if the whole world looks like a gray, if you are constantly nervous day, with difficulty concentrating attention, and at night can not sleep, you may become a victim of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is hard to imagine that such a disease may occur in the 18-19 centuries. This is the result of modern hectic lifestyle, constant makeovers and continued pressure from others. And although there are still people who do not believe in the existence of CFS, it remains hard facts. If left untreated chronic fatigue syndrome, it can lead to serious psychological disorders most vulnerable chronic fatigue syndrome are women aged 25 to 45 years.

What to do if you notice at the first signs of an imminent threat?

First review the food. Researchers attribute the occurrence of the syndrome in the body with a lack of trace elements such as magnesium and iron. Make sure that in your menu are dishes made of buckwheat or millet grains, legumes. Be sure to eat green vegetables, seeds and nuts. Prefer black bread, meat products from the most useful rabbit meat.

Do not overeat, take vitamin supplements. To boost immunity, try to eat more vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C. One orange a day will help your body to resist the impending stress even at the expense of aromatherapy. It is no secret that the smell of citrus is stimulating and improves mood means.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is often due to neglect physical activity. Be sure to include in your daily routine sports activities. Is it just evening jog or active dance classes at the gym - no matter. The main thing is that after physical activity the body actively produces serotonin and endorphins. These hormones not only induce a state of euphoria, but they are also an excellent protection from stress.

Good sports load and a half two o'clock bedtime will help you sleep better. In times of stress, there are cases when even the long sleep does not bring relief. You still wake up tired and sleepy.

In addition to training a good sleep will help lowering the temperature in the bedroom to 16-18 degrees. It is at this temperature the body fully resting and recovering. Try not to eat before going to sleep tight, do not take a hot shower or bath. Backfill always at the same time. Do not watch on TV transmission, which can make you nervous or increase the level of anxiety. It is better to take out a good love story and always with a happy ending.

Think about your hobby abandoned. If you do not have any hobbies, try to create it - now is the time to deal with chronic fatigue, spending time on the collection of your favorite orchids, creating masterpieces from yarn or learning Japanese.

Any activity that can distract you from your daily routine, can protect your mind from a formidable enemy, whose name chronic fatigue syndrome.

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