Do not sleep on the go

Do not sleep on the go
 Tiredness and lack of energy threatens to destroy all the grandiose plans. What to do? Every doctor is familiar with patients who complain of fatigue and malaise. Careful clinical examination and routine laboratory tests even do not reveal the causes of these symptoms. Perhaps in this case, to blame deficiency of vitamins and minerals?

As for the elderly and pregnant women - definitely the culprit is the lack of useful minerals. It has long been known and studied at risk. But there are other categories of patients, of which we can say: lack of energy caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It is physically active young people, often women, leading a busy lifestyle. Their feeding behavior is usually characterized by a poor choice of food and irregular eating.

Vitamin facts

The conversion of the energy contained in food carbohydrates, fats and proteins in cellular energy occurs with the participation of micronutrients. So their deficiency can disrupt energy production in the cells, which is manifested by fatigue and loss of strength. It has been studied in considerable number of investigations carried out by scientists from different countries. Here are some facts:

- Additional intake of magnesium and zinc clearly enhances muscle strength;

- Depletion of riboflavin, vitamins B6 and C leads to a decrease in physical performance;

- Lack of folate and vitamin B12 reduces the ability to carry heavy exercise.

Who is at risk more

Ideally, a sufficient and balanced diet should cover all the needs of micronutrients. But even in developed countries, many groups do not get enough food important vitamins and minerals. In this blame and eating habits, and very popular with women diet.

Other experiencing increased demand for these materials in connection with heavy physical activity, emotional or physical stress. Consumption of vitamins also increases during pregnancy and breast-feeding in patients with certain diseases.

At the limit of forces

Even healthy in all respects people may be at risk because of their lifestyle. The double burden of work and home, the eternal rush, eating on the run, the choice of unhealthy foods, chronic or periodic compliance with various diets, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee - all this leads to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. But even mild micronutrient deficiencies can cause a breakdown, reduce resistance to infection, impair memory, concentration, attention and mood.

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