Color therapy: how to give cheerfulness of soul and body?

Color therapy: how to give cheerfulness of soul and body?
 Bad mood, apathy, indifference and fatigue - so depressed gradually seizes the mind and body. And not to leave her no chance should immediately resort to a simple, but very effective and pleasant treatment - color therapy.

Color therapy, or treatment of color, copes with mental disorders, which quickly lead to physical ailments. No wonder they say that all diseases have a spiritual origin. But color is not simply perceived through the eyes and the brain is distributed by authorities. Each color has its own vibration, the ability to recover as the emotional and physical well-being. And it is necessary for this just something to make the desired color in the interior of the apartment, everyday wardrobe, and start each day with a sip of water, charged with color.

To do this out of colored paper prepared round coasters in all colors of the rainbow. Select the desired color and put on him a glass of clean water. Since the water is able to perceive all the information, then after 10 minutes she energizing color. And in order to understand exactly what the color will be to the point, it is necessary to know the properties of each.

To relieve tension, excitement because of unpleasant disputes or quarrels help green. Also, it's great impact on the respiratory, nervous, hormonal and enzymatic systems. This color refreshes, soothes and relaxes.

To completely forget the negative moments, come to the aid pink.

To prevent and mitigate conflict situations suitable blue color because it is able to stabilize the nervous system. In terms of physical health it is useful for the throat, eyes, nose and ears, as well as nerves and appendages.

Unpleasant memories of past failures neutralizes lemon color. The same color helps to survive the loss of a loved one. Similar to him yellow stimulates intellectual activity and contributes to the emergence of brilliant ideas. In terms of physical health it affects the nervous and lymphatic system, liver and gall bladder, stomach and small intestine.

To relieve the tension from the computer, the desktop is useful to have a cup holder for water turquoise. The same color will come to assist in the preparation of the report, or writing articles.

Red has a strong energy and is especially useful in diseases and debt malaise, because accelerates the blood and improves metabolic processes in the body.

If a series of failures finally upset the mind, it is necessary to resort to a purple color. It perfectly stimulates both hemispheres of the brain and helps to find a way out of any situation. The same color saves from insomnia, migraine and depression.

To bring to life something new, it is necessary to turn to orange. The energy of this color increases vitality. For cheerfulness of soul and treatment of depression - is the most effective color.

Color therapy is useful for work and home. The correct choice of color at work creates a concentration, while at home relaxing after a busy day. Color treatment can be carried out several times a day and in different ways: water, meditation (front sheet of colored paper), the usual contemplation of the color of the object.

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