Cleansing the body with the biorhythms

Cleansing the body with the biorhythms
 Cleansing the body is a prerequisite for the preservation of health, beauty and youth. But to successfully get rid of the ballast of harmful substances is important to follow a certain sequence and take into account the biorhythms of the body and nature.
 The body's main source of pollution is the intestine. Therefore, cleansing begins with him. But that it was successful and did not cause a special load, it is necessary to take into account the lunar day and season of the year. So start cleansing is better in late February - early March, the waning moon.

To cleanse the bowel can use different ways and means - short-term or long-term starvation diet, cleansing of white clay and other sorbents, and intestinal lavage. The basic condition for this is the absence of contraindications - pregnancy, acute colitis and enterocolitis, peptic ulcer disease, increased acidity of gastric juice.

As of the time of the intestine loses microflora, its recovery should be carried out immediately. And to use the vegetarian diet, and take lactobacillus bifidus and as preparations or with sour milk products.

Cleansing the liver is as important as it is the first organ to which the blood is sent from the intestine. Accordingly, it is necessary to clear it from the incredible amount of toxins, acids and other harmful substances. Excessive slagging of the body reduces the potential liver, so it needs help, ie cleaned. And the most appropriate for this month is March (also waning moon). It is important to take into account the state of the body and during the day. And for the liver is 7 pm - the time of its maximum relaxation.

To cleanse the liver is used dyubazh or diet. They relieve it of toxins, and gall bladder congestion of bilirubin (reminiscent of dark green pebbles). After that activate internal organs, metabolic processes and circulation. To cleanse the liver has its contraindications - gallstones, pregnancy, acute cholecystitis and hepatitis, as well as gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

After the liver in cleansing the kidneys need. Through this paired organ passes as a large amount of blood, so they take care of all the "filth" of the body. This reduces their filtration capacity, which is manifested by various diseases. Given biorhythms to cleanse the kidneys fit late fall - October, November. Their maximum relaxation time from two to three o'clock in the morning.

To cleanse the kidneys used watermelons (due to their diuretic action), berry fruit drinks, fir oil with herbs. Contraindication for cleaning are kidney stones and acute inflammation.

In addition to regular cleansing three main bodies can be carried out periodic sequence of purified vessels (in July), joints (in August) and the lymphatic system (in winter). Purification of any organ or system should be carried out only on the waning moon.

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