Cleaners and humidifiers for home

 The tips of the hair dried and become brittle, flaky skin on his face ... there were strange rashes, and at night pursues a strange cough. Sound familiar? Perhaps it is not in the internal disturbances in the body, but only to blame the air we breathe. Of course, change the ecology of the city we can not afford, but to create a comfortable microclimate in the house is quite real. Who produced the set of devices for cleaning and humidifying the air, which are designed to address these problems. What they are versed women's magazine JustLady.

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The first of these devices -Air Purifier. As the name implies, its main function - to clean the air in the house dust, small particles of dirt and other harmful substances in our respiratory system. For example, many varnishes and paints that we use to repair rooms, emit dangerous for the body chemicals - formaldehyde. Or furniture, the seemingly less secure, in fact, produced from synthetic materials which are also capable of poisoning the air. Not to mention the viruses and bacteria that attack our apartment. Get rid of all these "poisons room" helpair purifiers for home.

The process of cleaning the air in such devices takes place in several stages. First, the air is pre-cleaning of larger particles. Then enters a special allergen filter which traps the microparticles. Once he reaches the charcoal filter that removes odors and chemical compounds such as phenols and formaldehyde (including, from the exhaust gases). Carbon filter inair purifiers also absorbs tobacco smoke. That is why air purifiers are essential to those who live in the family home or smokers suffer from allergic diseases.

Air Purifier Ballu AP200-XS04

Allows you to filter the air quality and clean it from bacteria, viruses, mold and odors. Cleaning area - 40 square meters. Equipped with carbon, HEPA (antiallergic) and nano filters. Has a timer with display, as well as an additional functionair ionization.

Cleaners and humidifiers for home

Humidifiers especially relevant in the winter. Overdried a central heating air can trigger as many cosmetic problems (over-dried hair and skin), and the more serious violations. Sore throat, dry cough, frequent colds caused by over dried nasal mucosa - all these symptoms indicate that it is time to think about buyinghumidifier for rooms. However, hot and dry summerhumidifier also can be very useful. Its use will benefit not only people, but also plants.

Humidifiers passed flooded water in them through a special lens, which splits it into tiny droplets. These droplets are sprayed into the air, creating the most comfortable for humans indoor humidity - 60 percent. If necessary, adjust the humidity to greater or smaller.

Ultrasonic humidifier Boneco Air-O-Swiss 7131

The device is mechanically operated, designed for air humidification in rooms up to 60 square meters. m. Has the function of a water softener, and its disinfection using a special antibacterial coating tank. If necessary, can be equipped with a special model of the ionizing bar.

Cleaners and humidifiers for home

There are devices that combine the functions ofpurifier and humidifierSometimes also called "cleaning the air." They are based on the principle of cold evaporation when air is forced by a fan through a special evaporator with water, eventually cleaned and saturated with moisture. Harmful impurities contained in the air, remain at the bottom of the evaporator. Some models evaporators treated with a special anti-bacterial compound that helps to fight pathogens in raw infested air. As cleaners, humidifiers use cold evaporation principle in their work, they are often used for the cooling of hot air.

Humidifier Air Purifier AirComfort HP-501

Equipped with a special filter water type with antibacterial impregnation. This allows purification of the air as the coarse dust particles and bacteria and microorganisms. With built-in humidistat is possible to adjust the level of humidity in the room. Upon reaching the desired humidity is switched off. There is an electronic level indicator humidity.

Cleaners and humidifiers for home

Ionizers enrich the indoor air negatively charged particles anion. Air which passes through the purifiers and air conditioners, contains virtually no blocked. We can compare this with distilled water, the air, which, together with the harmful impurities in the purification and loses many nutrients. It anions stimulate mental performance, positively affect the nervous and respiratory systems. Their absence leads to the fact that we begin to experience headaches and other symptoms of oxygen starvation, quickly get tired, get sick more often.

In nature, plants produce ionized oxygen, as it stands during a lightning storm, caused by ultraviolet radiation and other factors. As a result of this natural ionization is a constant process of regeneration (renovation) air. In areas as air stagnates and is not updated.Ionizers created to solve this problem.

Air Ionizer Vitek VT-1772

Not only ionizes the air, but also makes it the most aesthetically pleasing. The device is equipped with a backlight, and the sound function of nature at work. You can choose the most comfortable sound mode, "heartbeat", "ocean waves", "fountain", "twittering birds", "Summer Night", "white noise", "spring rain." Ionizer helps make the air fresh and relieves it of unpleasant odors.

Cleaners and humidifiers for home

People - not only what he eats, but also what he breathes. Therefore, the useequipment for cleaning, humidification and ionization air will permanently preserve the health of you and your home.

Elena Yarkova
Women's magazine JustLady

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