Chronic fatigue: where to find the energy?

Chronic fatigue: where to find the energy?
 Energy depletion can be filled in different ways. The simplest is to execute a dream. Can be more difficult exercise because they require a self-monitoring and therefore additional energy costs.
 Healthy person to fill the energy is sufficient to sleep for a few hours. People with chronic fatigue feels recuperation even if he will sleep more than usual time for 3-4 hours. However, one of the most effective ways to fight chronic fatigue is to follow the regime of sleep and rest. Increasing the time to sleep, and compliance with this rule within one month may be effective for the return of physical performance.

For the formation of energy in the body requires oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, intense breathing exercises (preferably in nature) and a balanced diet to help compensate for the lack of energy.

There are two breathing techniques. First - machinery shallow breathing Buteyko. It allows you to eliminate redundancy general ventilation and increase metabolic rate, resulting in the formation necessary for the body energy. The second technique uses yogic breathing the entire volume of the lungs. Begins with filling the abdominal cavity, and then the thorax is expanded, and finally rises and the upper edges of the clavicle. Exhalation takes place in reverse order.

In the absence of oxygenated nutrient body will not produce the necessary energy. In the diet must be present three components: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You can not forget about our body the necessary minerals and vitamins. The right balance of these components is the key to tide energy.

Natural sources of energy are the sun, water and earth. A few minutes of daily contemplation of sunrise and sunset can enrich you with positive energy. If you have a garden, the interesting activity to the ground can also make up the lost energy. Water Treatments - swimming in open water or taking baths, in extreme cases wiping with a damp towel - remove negative energy and pave the way for positive charges.

A special place among the ways to fight chronic fatigue take active exercise. If the cause of fatigue are emotional overload, the inclusion in the work of muscles helps relieve the body of negative energy.

The basic rule to replenish energy with chronic fatigue is the regularity of the execution of selected recommendations.

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