Caution: electronic cigarettes!

Caution: electronic cigarettes!
 If you type in the search word "electronic cigarettes", you will find links to articles about the dangers of such an emergency smoking and the benefits associated with the ability to throw all this pernicious habit. According to the report FDA (Department of the Food and Drug Administration), smoking electronic cigarettes are not considered less harmful than smoking normal. Try to understand.

One of the reasons why electronic cigarettes are considered harmful, is the fact that they displace tobacco companies from the market, helping smokers to cope with a bad habit. Accordingly, the information war unfolded for the souls and purses smokers. What is so "terrible" found by the FDA in electronic cigarettes?

The first argument against electronic cigarettes: they contain nitrosamines. Nitrosamine - a carcinogen that is formed by heating tobacco. It carcinogens cause DNA changes that leads to cancer - Lung cancer and larynx. Nitrosamines found in ordinary cigarettes, no matter how light they are, and in electronic, because the fluid are made from the same tobacco, but the concentration of nitrosamines in the electronic analog of a lot less. In smoking liquids that do not contain nicotine nitrosamines not at all.

The second argument: Liquid for Electronic Cigarette contains diethylene glycol. It is known that diethylene glycol is used in antifreeze. For a man this stuff is toxic in large doses, causing irritation. However, research by FDA revealed the presence of this substance only in 1 out of 19 brands presented for examination. The rest contained only propylene glycol, which is widely used in the food industry and is not harmful to the smoker.

The third argument: the delivery of nicotine in the body is not controlled, which means more than conventional cigarettes. It is highly addictive. Again, the argument is more than doubtful. Most electronic mouthpieces equipped with electronics that turns off the cigarette after inhaling the same amount of smoke and steam, how much and when smoking normal cigarettes 1. The truth is we are talking about high-quality electronic cigarettes, not fakes.

Of course, the opinion of the Federal Office for the United States, so critical in relation to smoking electronic cigarettes, more than respectable. But do not forget that it is working with the FDA tobacco companies, which it protects. Draw conclusions have each their own, but the best option - it does quit, tobacco companies sponsor ceasing and without the help of electronic cigarettes.

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