Be in good shape in winter: 7 Tips

Be in good shape in winter: 7 Tips
 When the thermometer bar street every morning descend lower, not so easy to keep good spirits. Not to succumb to the winter blues and seasonal resist infections, need to be concerned about the health and tone the body.

Winter is beautiful for its beautiful snow, the possibility of playing with children on a hill, skiing, skating and Christmas mood. However, in the cold season is unavoidable vitamin deficiency, decreased immunity and periodic drowsiness. This leads to the risk of disease and seasonal depression. However, to remain in good shape throughout the winter is quite simple.

First of all, try not to supercool - that this problem leads to unpleasant consequences to health. Keep warm hands, feet, face and abdomen - and from those parts of the body begins a dangerous cooling the body. Of course, do not forget about the head, because half of the heat is given to it through the scalp.

2. Protect your skin from the temperature difference.
The whole body suffers from the temperature difference when you go out in the morning in the cold from a warm room. First and foremost, it touches the skin in the open areas of the body. Be sure to buy a protective cream for the winter, which will save from chapping and frostbite.

3. Perform self-massage.
To improve overall body tone, immediately after waking perform simple self-massage. To start a good rub palms together to feel the warmth. Then easily pat them on the cheeks. Massage the scalp and ears for 1-2 minutes. Walk forefingers on the wings of the nose and eyebrows. At this massage you will take no more than five minutes, but this simple procedure will help you cheer up and feel better.

4. warms the foot.
If you freeze even in the room, quickly warm up will help foot massage. Follow his warm hands and then put on socks. Through such actions will warm up the whole body.

5. Pay attention to the abdomen.
Most women's diseases and problems with the urinary system arises because of hypothermia, which you may not even notice. Despite the fact that you dress for the season, during the day, pay for 5-7 minutes to massage the abdomen, which helps to store heat in the area. Heat the palm of your hand, place them on the stomach and easily massage in a clockwise direction. Such a movement will also help to cope with problems of digestion.

6. Think about fitness.
To raise the tone indispensable fitness. If you are far away from the sport, do not delay the start of classes in the spring. Regular exercise will not only help you to cheer up, improve blood circulation and condition of vessels, but also result in the order figure in the spring.

7. Keep warm tea helpful.
It is not necessary to lean on high-calorie foods, guided by the opinion that in the winter, additional fat stores. In this position there is a grain of truth: to gain more than 2-3 kg during the winter hardly helpful. Prefer warming and vitamin drinks, such as broth hips with honey or ginger tea.

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