Aromatization baths

 As is well known, involves the use of aromatherapy oils, not only in pure form. It may be herbal tea and herbs themselves, flowers or grains - in short, everything that contains essential oils that can be helpful. Continuing the theme of aromatherapy steam room, a women's magazine JustLady talk about other ways to flavor baths, which have been known since ancient times and used nowadays.

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From ancient times until we reached an interesting way flavoring bath branches of resinous trees. If you have room in the country, in the wooded area, you might as well use it. For these purposes, fresh branches of conifers laid under the benches or on the floor around the pair.

Under the influence of hot steam essential oils contained in them, begin to evaporate rather quickly, giving an amazing smell of the forest. This method is notable for the fact that the aromatic oils from coniferous trees have disinfecting properties: kill microorganisms. So you disinfect the premises and at the same time get rid of the risk of contracting some of the many species of fungi.

In addition, walking on thorny branches stimulates reflex points on the feet that are in abundance. This kind of massage is extremely useful not only for treatment of the disease, but also for their prevention and strengthening the body's immune. To flavoring bath suitbranches of fir, pine, juniper, spruce. These plants will also have a mild sedative effect, relieve pain.

Another way, which was used by our grandmothers - aromatization bath herbs. In summer, when you go on vacation, collect a bunch of herbs, divided into small bundles and dry by hanging, in a well-ventilated and dry area. In the winter, preparing for bath procedures, they will be sufficient to soak for a while in the water, and then hang from the ceiling or decomposed into bath shelves.

Hot steam revive pleasant meadow smells, has healing powers. Bouquet of lilac and jasmine, used to flavoring bath, Cheer up, return the energy and strength. The aroma of thyme, on the contrary, calm. Bunches of St. John's wort, due to its antibacterial properties, are considered to be almost universal remedy for all diseases.

Aromatization baths

Just for a pleasant smell, you can use herbs and plants with a thin light aroma, such as oregano, mint, linden flowers. You can useflavoring bath not only dried, but also, of course, newly harvested plants.

Another method involves the use of pharmacy alcohol tinctures for flavoring bath. You just need to go to the pharmacy, select the tincture you with the right properties to drip into a glass of water and 15 drops of water the solution on the hot stones of the furnace.

For the treatment of airways diseases suitable aromatization baths infusions and decoctions of herbs. Such an infusion or decoction is prepared in advance, experienced lovers are able to prepare medicinal baths of liquid from a whole bunch of herbs, selected in their properties.

As a prophylactic against colds or as a treatment for the disease, good to apply infusion or decoction of oregano, eucalyptus, calendula, chamomile, marshmallow, elecampane, these plants have antimicrobial activity, help to stop inflammation. Therefore, this method is good and skin diseases involving pustular eruptions. When a type of eczema rashes, itching and constantly moist, good effect aromatization baths extract from the leaves of walnut.

For the preparation of medicinal teas usually take 2 - 3 tablespoons of herbs or mixtures thereof, pour 200-300 ml of boiling water and put in a water bath. After 5 - 7-minute boiling broth is poured into a separate bowl, and then prepare a fragrant liquid, adding 2-3 liters of water half a cup of broth.

Experts used to flavoring bath and honey solution (half a teaspoon to the pelvis), especially the flower that gives a very pleasant smell. Also, the heater is poured brew homemade. For the prevention of colds during the cold season in some regions common to use extracts from the leaves of horseradish or add mustard flavored infusion (a teaspoon of powder to 3 liters of water).

If you have a room in the village, please be hay. Infusion of hay, which sprinkles on wooden walls, bathroom shelves and ceiling of the steam room, has the ability to deliver from insomnia and nervous conditions, good for the people with thyroid disease.

When using decoctions and infusions need to know a few simple rules

1. When splashing broth, keep the oven on the stones do not fall leaves and flowers of the plant. Better to drain the fluid.

2. decoctions and infusions forflavoring bath can not be poured directly onto dry hot stones. First on the stove pour plain water, then once again the broth and water, then again broth. This is to ensure that the pair would not you smell something burning.

And another important rule to keep in mind when flavoring bath: No need to seek to try all means at a time. Select one thing, another time another try. Stay in the steam room should bring only positive emotions and fun flavors.

Alexander Panyutin
Women's magazine JustLady

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