Acupressure: a step to longevity

Acupressure: a step to longevity
 Acupressure - a kind of massage, which is intended to impact on the energy points of the human by pressing, stroking or vonzaniya. Acupressure technique borrowed from Chinese medicine and has been known for more than six thousand years.
 Acupressure has proved its effectiveness in the fight against pain, as well as diseases caused by disorders of the nervous system, for example, untreated depression can lead to depletion of the body, depression, heart failure, and it is already in the advanced stage leads to a heart attack, stomach ulcers and other serious diseases .

Acupressure can be carried out by each person on their own. It is easy and safe. But it is better to resort to professional assistance. Because at the moment the experts on the human body found in 1030 hotspots and their number is constantly increasing.

Active point - the point at the pressure at which the internal effects on specific organs. It is much more sensitive than the skin around it and is usually in the seal area or recess of the skin. Set of all points of the system of meridians (lines). On the value they are also important, as are the terms.

Bioenergy laws stipulate that the energy in the body of a healthy person flows freely through all channels (meridians). When the disease is disrupted movement of these energy flows. Impact on the active points by acupressure promotes their recovery, contributing to the recovery of certain organs.

Acupressure - an art, knowing that you will become a master of your body and mood. However, it is not necessary to own the full extent of acupressure to get rid of a headache or relieve tension. Examine carefully the dates of your active points and means of influencing them. During the massage, follow all recommendations.

Technique of acupressure determines the sequence of the impact on active points. During the massage involves tips thumb and index finger, as well as joint bent middle or index.

Stroking made circular movements of the fingers (the skin should not be collected in the folds). Rubbing more intensively than stroking, but is also carried out. When pressed her fingertips to put pressure on the skin, but not very strong. "Vonzanie" carried out joint of the middle finger in a bent condition.

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