5 ways to deal with the heat

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 When the temperature rises above 35 degrees, the entire body has to the additional load that can lead to serious consequences. That is why in this weather is especially important to learn to cope with the heat.
 The first method

Try to plan all their affairs in such a way as not to be on the street from 12 to 17 hours. At this time, the sun's rays are particularly active and dangerous, which adversely affects the human skin, and heat and stuffiness worsens the condition of the whole organism. Better to spend that time at home or work under the air conditioner.

Second method

Drink plenty of water or other unsweetened beverages. At a high temperature of the body through sweat see a large amount of fluid, and its lack can cause fatigue, weakness and drowsiness. To make up for this loss, it is necessary to drink plenty of plain water, unsweetened tea or compote. When this drink should not be heavily cold.

A third method

Wash and take a shower as often as possible. Water treatments will cool your body from the outside, will give a feeling of freshness and coolness, even momentarily. The shower also should not be too cold, otherwise you can easily catch pneumonia, colds, cystitis and other serious diseases.

The fourth way

Adjust your diet. In hot weather is bad there is sharp, salty and fatty foods, because the body is more difficult to cope with such a diet. Better to prefer fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meat or fish, baked in the oven.

The fifth method

Apply to the body a minimum of makeup and perfume - the more chemicals on the body, the more difficult it to "breathe". Creams and lotions just clog the skin, preventing the need for sweat. An exception can only make sunscreen. A clothing give preference to things of light and natural fabrics bright colors, such as silk, cotton or linen. And do not forget the obligatory hat, which will protect you from direct sunlight.

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