5 common misconceptions about sleep

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 Many modern people are experiencing various difficulties associated with sleep: difficult to fall asleep, frequent nocturnal getting up, sleepy in the morning and others. All this leads to a regular lack of sleep, which is bad for the general well-being. Unfortunately, some common misconceptions related to our dreams, stir properly solve the problems that caused the sleep deficit.
 Everyone needs 8 hours of sleep

It is not necessary to dwell on some calibrated digit after 8 hours - it's just average. And different people need for sleep may be different. The best way to find out how much sleep you need it, just listen to your own body. If during the day you are constantly pulling to eat something sweet or drink a cup of coffee, this means that your body tries to compensate for the lack of sleep sugar or caffeine. The need for such methods, to cheer himself no longer, if you go to bed early.

During the weekend should be "backfilled" for the whole week

In fact, lack of sleep during the week and an overabundance of it on weekends only leads to failure of circadian rhythms, which is why the body becomes more difficult to enter into a phase of deep sleep. It is best not to shoot down mode even on weekends. Of course, the extra 1-2 hours of sleep does not hurt, but stay in bed until noon still not worth it.

Some people normally cost only a few hours of rest

All of us have heard stories about how many great men slept only four hours a day. However, doctors say with confidence that this lack of sleep is bad for health and general health. However, forced to push yourself to sleep is not the answer. If you went to bed and after 20 minutes and did not feel sleepy, you should get up and do something (except sports activities) as long as do not want to sleep. Then you can try again to sleep. By the way, does not contribute to the normal sleep-use of caffeine and alcohol, and smoking after six o'clock in the evening.

In chronic insomnia helps only sleeping pills

Tablets help to solve short-term sleep problems that arise, for example, when acclimatization or stress. In the struggle with chronic insomnia can help the adjustment mode. If cope with insomnia thus failed, it is best to visit a specialist, who will select a course of treatment.

With aging, people need less sleep

When the body ages, it deteriorates the quality of deep sleep during which the body to relax and rest. Therefore, elderly people often wake up at night. Also can play a role, and chronic diseases caused by their discomfort. As a result, a person begins to compensate for the lack of sleep, going to take a nap in the afternoon. With the result that again is not conducive to improving the quality of night rest. According to doctors, the elderly need as much sleep as everyone else, they just sleep at another time. Therefore, the elderly is best not to nap during the day, then a full night's sleep will be.

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