3 main myth of strengthening the immune system

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 Many modern people enthusiastically taken to improve their own immunity. The most common methods used to achieve this goal are taking a multivitamin complexes and immunomodulators, as well as correction of power. However, often the body's defenses and do not rise. How Come? It's simple: in an attempt to strengthen the immune system often allowed three major errors based on common misconception.
 Error № 1. Individual choice immunostimulant

Some people who want to enhance immunity, independently "appoint" themselves one or the other drug in the mistaken belief that the mechanism of action of immunomodulators same. But it is not. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry uses 4 types of immunostimulants: interferons, phagocytes, natural killer cells and antibody immunoglobulin. Each of these types of immunomodulators has its own properties that are designed to cope with a certain task. Independent selection type immunostimulant is not advisable, since this is necessary to pass a special examination and consult a physician-immunologist. Otherwise, there is only one chance in four that you will take it one drug that will really help you.

Error № 2. Required "seasonal" multivitamin

People who are watching their health, most of them are in full confidence that taking a multivitamin in the off-season is a must and also not able to bring any harm. However, this view is mistaken. Because overreliance on vitamin and mineral preparations can lead to a glut of some elements of the body. For example, in case of an excess of zinc and iron, these substances are toxic and can provoke systemic diseases of internal organs.

Of course, not everyone will run to be tested and find out, and what, in fact, substances in his body lacks. Therefore, the best option is to receive monovitaminov. A strong immune system needs: vitamin A, which protects the skin and mucous membrane infection control; ascorbic acid, strengthens blood vessels and prevents infection by viruses; and vitamin E support the body during acute viral infection and are useful in chronic ENT diseases. It is best to take these vitamins separately week break between courses.

Error № 3. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables in the spring

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, no doubt, be useful. However, significantly raise the body's defenses after winter vegetables and fruits can not. Because products derived from last year's harvest in the spring lose much of biologically active substances. Much better to fill in the body lack of essential vitamins and minerals help the first spring greens - parsley, dill, sorrel, nettle, wild garlic shoots, garlic and onions. All this is perfectly suited for salads or light soups. Supplier excellent in nutrients in the spring body are also sprouted wheat, oats, buckwheat, rye and other cereals.

In conclusion, it should be noted that all methods designed to strengthen the body's defenses, will work not only on the condition of their competent implementation.

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