10 ways to revive the vitality

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 Chronic fatigue and lethargy at the current pace of life - constant companions of mankind. Few people know effective methods for dealing with loss of strength, because from time to time begin to fight again. Advertising provides us with information about the "magical" properties of certain products, rewarding them with such epithets as "nutritious", "crisp", "energy". Marketers are a good psychologist - they know all the weaknesses of consumers. Is there really a magic wand that can not harm the body in the lead tone? It turns out, yes. And there are 10 pieces of sticks.

Eat fewer calories - this will help to strengthen vitality. During the food intake to the gastrointestinal tract and blood rushes accordingly, more energy is spent on the digestion.

The complex detoxification at home - limit yourself to food for a week. Eliminate from the diet of salt, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine. Within a week, eat only foods of natural origin: fruits, berries, nuts, oats, buckwheat, barley porridge.

Excellent "doping" are food supplements. They contribute to the elimination of metabolic disorders that reduce a person's energy. One of these antioxidant additives is Coenzyme Q10. He contributes to the development of nitric oxide - an important substance for the maintenance of the organism and its rapid recovery during illness (prostration often accompanied by lowered immunity).

"Molecule of life" (nitric oxide) provide nitrates, which are rich Polynesian noni plant extract. Its enjoyment in combination with exercise will give a great effect! Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to access all tissues. Together with blood saturated fabric nutrients, glucose, oxygen. Then comes the next stage of the process: mitochondria - small power of our body - begin to produce energy that so desperately needs the body in the autumn-winter period.

Do not neglect physical exercise, so they not only help create a beautiful body, but also support the body in good shape. Not casually professional athletes and exercise enthusiasts give the impression of cheerful and healthy people. Catching exercise, you should be aware that it has a beneficial effect on the body. Complex exercise that requires no special equipment (jogging, push-ups, pull-up) improves blood circulation, causing the flow of oxygen and pleasant effect of this action is to produce endorphins.

Avoid stressful situations. In times of stress the body released into the blood hormones cortisone and adrenaline. They need a man in extreme situations, but they are part of the working produces a negative effect. If the level of cortisol in the blood is kept for a long time, this has a negative impact on the work gippokamusa. Gippokamus - this part of the brain responsible for memory and thought processes. Therefore, more often communicate with friends, visit the open air, take a warm bath, diluted busy day short breaks for relaxation.

Here is a set of measures of 10 ways to help restore natural energy:

1. Eat less calories.

2. Do not skip breakfast.

3. Get enough sleep.

4. Exercise.

5. Eat food additives.

6. Complete the course of detoxification.

7. Fight with stress.

9. spend more time in the sun.

10. Organize yourself.

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