Yves Saint Laurent: The Way of the legend

Yves Saint Laurent: The Way of the legend
 Combining elements of his creations male wardrobe and street style based unisex and women's fashion by typing in things like leather jackets, boots on the thigh and even tuxedos for men, Yves Saint Laurent wanted to make a modern woman free and independent. It was he who adapted the style of the houses of haute couture of the 1950s to the rhythm of modern life, making fashionable clothes more comfortable, but at the same time emphasizing the femininity of its owner.

"Clothes should be subordinated to the individual woman, not vice versa"

Yves Saint Laurent was born in 1936 in the Algerian city of Oran in the family of French aristocrats. After high school, the future couturier moved to Paris and began to study at the School of Fine Arts and the Syndicate of High Fashion. His first award he won in 19 years, winning the competition for young designers. Soon Saint Laurent was invited to work with the very Christian Dior. After Dior's death in 1957 at age 21 Saint Laurent became the head of a great empire. In 1960, the designer drafted into the army, and in January 1962, with the help of longtime friend Pierre Berge, he opened his own fashion house "Yves Saint Laurent", whose popularity was soon surpassed diorovsky.

Yves Saint Laurent has always sought to expand the scope of the usual fashion, constantly coming up with new styles in clothing. It was Saint Laurent owe their existence to such fashionable items as trouser suits, jackets safari, transparent dresses and women's tuxedo. Inspiration designer is in the old traditions of distant lands and past eras. Experiments with styles and colors obtained successful thanks to his innate talent and impeccable sense of taste.

Of the house of "Yves Saint Laurent" did not always go smoothly, often for unconditional triumphant creative ups followed by financial turmoil. In 1999, the new owner at the head of the fashion house "YSL" was put American designer and stylist Tom Ford. In 2002, tired of the increasing commercialization of the fashion industry and the constant need to produce one after another new fashion collections, Saint Laurent finished his career as a designer grand retrospective show of works he created for his entire career.

In 2008, 71-year-old Couturier died in Paris after a long illness, shortly before the death of the marriage a civil union with his longtime partner and co-owner of the company, Pierre Berge.

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