Vasiliev. Fashion for mourning

 If you stroll through the streets of Russian cities, you will see that the majority of people dressed in dark colors. Explanations for this are many both practical and historical. It is believed that the black spots are not visible, invisible defects, black slim. In addition, we have people like to dress in inconspicuous. On the one hand - complexes, on the other - unwillingness to attract attention. Many people think that they are not visible in the black. The black color is like a shell, shell, which makes us invisible in the streets of the big city.

War and fashion

Black color came into fashion after the First World War. But it was not associated with fashion designers and their work.The reason was mourning for the millions of men who died at the front.

Later, the famousCoco Chanel with her little black dress made black fashionable and chic. At the same time some of the creators of fashion do not use black. For example, Edward Molyneux, the famous designer of the 30s of the last century, the career has not made any black dress - he believed that black women are not talking. However, the black color in the 30s became popular thanks to the black-and-white films in Hollywood and in France, and to some extent in the USSR. This we see in the photographs of those years.

Another interesting fact: in 1976 in England, a new movement -punksWhich have become particularly popular at the junction of the 70-80s. They Arealways dressed in black and made it a principle of the new fashion. In a black dress with metal was a lot of people in the 80s. And since I lived in those years in Paris, I can say that the fashion crowd at the show was in black - black dress, black shoes, black sunglasses Paco Rabanne. Black was very fashionable.

In Europe in the 90s, this wave has subsided, and in our country just came. And today, when I go to fashion shows Alyona Akhmadullina or Cyril Gasilin, I see that all dressed in black. In the same fashion echo 80 can be considered and prepared - a group of young people who dressed entirely in black. So there are many prerequisites black, and our climate plays in this important value.

The black lady

But do not assume that only in Russia are a lot of black - it's nothing compared with Georgia. I often go to Tbilisi and know how to dress a woman there.Set to true lady - black dress, black bag, black shoes. It's like a national costume, there existed in the XIX century.

In my collection there are also black things very often, because the black color - a sign of elegance. Althoughsometimes it replaces the lack of taste and imagination. When a woman does not know what to wear, she wears black, because he knows that this is a win-win.

Once a woman draped in black clothes, she feels confidentBecause he also hides flaws figures and excess weight. In addition, black non-marking - still ecology in our cities so that by the evening of our bright things become gray with dust. But I still try to wear less black - only for the evening, and a pug dog I black.

Brides-to-face is not mourning

In recent years, I think we are moving away from the dominance of dark color. And while designers prefer to dress in black, they do still color. When traveling, I seea lot of bright colors and Stavropol and Perm, and in Murmansk and Yekaterinburg and Omsk. And in India, generally considered bad manners black. While in the Arab world - on the contrary. Here, of course, there are Muslim influence - always black veil.

And since Islam is growing in popularity, there is this trend will continue. But to some extremes will not reach. I can not imagine a bride in a black dress. It happens, but it's wrong, it's very mournful. Not to be confused with the funeral and wedding ever.Bride, do not wear black wedding dresses. And then, the season: I understand - winter, autumn. But spring and summer do not like black.

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