Sultanna Frantsuzova - Superbrand Russian fashion

 Our, domestic fashion, nurtured on the canons of Russian glamor, not very much favor in the West. Valentin Yudashkin with his outrageous and Vyacheslav Zaitsev gold headdresses on - it is rather exotic options with a Russian accent. But it is quite another thing Sultan Frantsuzova. It does not look leniently. Western fashion houses are well aware that it is the only designer able to press the famous couturiers in the vast expanses of Russia. And women's magazine JustLady fully shared their concerns.

Sultan Frantsuzova - The most famous Russian designer of this century. She is the author of a popular brand Sultanna Frantsuzova. A distinctive feature of clothes from Frantsuzova - is to use exclusively feminine fabrics: chiffon, velvet and silk. It can be safely called the most feminine fashion of our country.

Sultanna Frantsuzova - Superbrand Russian fashion

The history of climbingSultans Frantsuzova the highest step of the podium of the fashion industry began in the deep childhood. She always wanted to become a fashion designer, and they become. She studied at the very Zaitsev took over from him and love of beautiful shapes and designs. She has several grants and other "mark of recognition" colleagues. After finishing labs fashion Slava Zaitsev she wins the competition for young designers to them. Hope Lamanova and went to study in Milan.

2004 - the year of birth of the brandSultanna Frantsuzova. Many criticized it, that its success - is the right choice the alias that is too clearly associated with so attractive to Russian women France. However, it is not. Surname Sultana went from great-grandfather, who as a part of the Cossack troops went with Alexander I to march on Paris. The unusual name of the father gave.

Sultanna Frantsuzova - Superbrand Russian fashion

Its a good start has surprised many, just one year mark Sultanna Frantsuzova becomes super popular. But as she realized Sultan, in Russia it will be difficult to turn around, so she suffered production in Hong Kong, where there were more than optimal conditions for work. And with the choice of fabrics for new collections in China had no problems.

In 2005, Glamour magazine declared her female designer of the year. After that she became a megastar, not only in the Russian podium, but became actively promote their brand and Europe.

Sultanna Frantsuzova - Superbrand Russian fashion

She was one of the first who brought the style of downshifting in Russia. Purely European charm in its collections are organically intertwined with true Russian concept of beauty.Sultan Frantsuzova understands very well the Russian women, who, in contrast to European women, want to look smart every day. That is why her clothes - it's very romantic and sexy models, without the slightest aggression. Very delicate and feminine.

All collectionsSultans Frantsuzova Designed for the most ordinary women who work, walk, relax, raise children and still want to look good. The uniqueness of dresses and suits Frantsuzova that her belongings fit women with different types of shapes, ages and social status. One of the most important and iconic collectionsSultans Frantsuzova is a collection of "Black Diamond". It differs mathematically precise cut, lack of spare parts and, of course, black.

Sultanna Frantsuzova - Superbrand Russian fashion
Sultanna Frantsuzova - Superbrand Russian fashion

For nowSultan Frantsuzova - Is primarily a retro style with lots of ruffles, frills, bows, tucks and other accessories. It actually does not hide sort of design nostalgia for the past century. But this is the paradox and the attractiveness of Sultans Frantsuzova - despite a pronounced commitment to vintage, its model does not lose its relevance over the years, while remaining fashionable for several seasons. A sort of Parisian chic in the Russian expanses. What is most surprising things Frantsuzova never find on runoff sales - they all differ in their stores. The most advanced women customers know that if you wait, you can purchase your favorite little thing with discounts up to 70% - the main thing to wait for a seasonal sale, and this despite the fact that the prices of clothes do not rise above five thousand rubles.
Her style immediately became recognizable, and in fact, things with the brand Sultanna Frantsuzova not be confused with anything else. Commercial attractiveness lies in the fact that the price of her clothes are very democratic.

In 2007, at Frantsuzova and Ilya Buzdin investor, owner of a chain of shoe stores "F" and clothes shops with signs Sultanna Frantsuzova began differences, which resulted in the withdrawal of the Sultans of the company and the brand began to lose its appeal. After three years of resounding success, shops were closed across the country.
For now Sultan Frantsuzova works independently, producing clothes under the new brand SoFrench. According to her, the new collection - a continuation of the author's ideas with the new fashion trends. She's not going to change his style, continuing to improve selected French line design in clothes. Taking into account previous experience Sultanna Frantsuzova, she is sure to reduce the cost of finished things should not be due to use of non-quality fabrics. Therefore, it only works with natural materials. Another fundamental point of success - in the store should be things tailored exactly the same as for the global hits. This is its principal position.

Women's magazine JustLady wants to add that the new chain of stores began to expand rapidly, so that fans, who had been without Frantsuzova three infinitely long years, can perk up and preparing for the shopping.

 Natalia Toropova
Women's magazine JustLady

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