Star image: Sandra Bullock

Star image: Sandra Bullock
 Sandra Bullock is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She created her production company, Fortis Films and owns Bistro Bess. Sandra was awarded the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".
 Actress repeatedly called different dates of his birth, so absolute certainty that she was born July 26, 1964, no. Sandra flirts like many women, but it is charming, and for that she is forgiven much!

As a child, Bullock has traveled with his family moved several times from America to Europe. Mom Sandra - known opera singer, and her father - a vocal teacher. Parents, of course, the girl had on impact and declined to make music. But Sandra did not want to bind their lives with the opera.

The aspiring actress decided to take jurisprudence. She enrolled at the University of East Carolina, but after a while I realized that this activity is not so attractive to her.

Sandra came to New York and tried to become a model. But she had to earn a waitress in a coffee shop and even in cheap eatery. Save money Bullock enrolled in acting school.

She trusted minor roles in productions. But they also helped to draw attention to her critics. Bullock was invited to the TV series. Sitcom "working girl" in 1990 became the first major work of the actress.

In the '90s, Sandra starred in five films. This is "The Destroyer" with a magnificent Sylvester Stallone, and "Love Elixir number 9", and "The Thing Called Love" and "Fighting with Ernest Hemingway." But the real fame brought her movie "Speed" Jan De Bont and working with Keanu Reeves. Moviegoers noticed brave girl behind the wheel of a fatal bus.

This role brought Bullock awards and prizes and the attention of famous Hollywood directors and producers. For "Speed" were in various action movies ("Network", "A Time to Kill") and dramatic scenes ("While You Were Sleeping", "In Love and War").

However, the success of the planned "Speed ​​2" did not happen, and there was a major failure of the year. Sandra decided to work in comedies and that she was able to. Viewers remembered films like "Force of Nature", "28 days", "Practical Magic."

Another undoubted hit Sandra Bullock is a picture of "Miss Congeniality."

Critics rated the game an actress in the drama "Crash." The film won several awards and took the big box office. Recent work Bullock "The Blind Side" (2009) and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", filmed in 2011, also impressed moviegoers.

Soon you will find a world premiere sci-fi thriller "Gravity" with Sandra in the title role. The film will be released in November 2012.

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