Star image: Jessica Biel

Star image: Jessica Biel
 Fashion critics often point out that to be like Jessica Biel very easily. This Hollywood star rarely experimenting with wardrobe and not trying to shock the audience. However, its image is a worthy subject for others to follow, because the actress is famous for elegance and good taste.
 With such a young actress looks at the time it was not easy to apply to serious roles. Most directors saw Jessica Biel just another beauty with modeling past and therefore offered her the role of serial boring. However, the future star of Hollywood is not going to stop sexual roles silly, set for themselves a different career.

Today Jessica acted in the highest-grossing films, working on the same site with the stars of the first magnitude. She appears regularly on the pages of glossy magazines, and her style is emulated.

Jessica Biel can rightly be called one of the most athletic actresses in Hollywood. In order to look at the screen, starring in blockbuster movies, the actress have to deal with a few hours a day. Jessica prefers strength training. As a result, the actress has a relief, beefy figure. She does not accept the tendency to excessive thinness, and is an example of a healthy woman with chiseled forms.

Jessica is not very often experimenting with hairstyles. Her hobby - well-groomed, flowing curls natural shades. Most often, the hair framing the face of the actress, concealing its rounded shape.

Star of "The Prophet" is very rarely seen with bright makeup. Being the owner of plump lips, she only slightly emphasizes their transparent gloss or lipstick pastel shades. Jessica loves sculptured face with bronzer and highlighter, creating relief and achieving the effect of "glow" of the skin.

Fashion-critics often accuse Jessica Biel in the absence of clearly defined style. Indeed, the actress was not a supporter of outrageous and daring fashion experiments. However unlikely it may be called a wardrobe tasteless. Jessica is a model of restrained, classic style. She prefers elegant dress, elegant accessories and shoes in neutral colors.

In everyday life, Jessica Biel prefers jeans, simple sweaters, scarves and sunglasses unchanged. Despite a substantial fee, a star with ease buys clothes of famous brands of network - from Zara and H & M to TopShop and Next. Fans of the style of the actress can be sure to be like her - is to always stay within the elegance and good taste.

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