Spring makeup 2010: Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Lancome and other

 In the spring we are always happy to start a new life and are determined to show the world its updated look. Stylists largest cosmetic companies are willing to help us in this, introducing new makeup collection, trends and ideas. This spring will be around a lot of turquoise, coral and gold! Read women's magazine JustLady, to learn about the most fashionable make-up of the season and, of course, choose something for themselves.

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Spring 2010 Makeup: "Bronze Goddess» Estee Lauder

For Spring-Summer 2010 largest US cosmetic concern Estee Lauder offers a limited line of colorful makeup products under the name Bronze Goddess, or "Bronze Goddess." Spring Makeup by Estee Lauder - is refreshed exotic nuances of leather, which kissed the bright sun!

The collection includes bronzing products (gel, Terracotta powder and powder-blush with zebra pattern) and two sets of decorative cosmetics - Exotic Coral and Exotic Orchid. "Coral" is designed for lovers of cheerful colors and presented a scarlet lipstick, coral lip gloss and liquid shadows shades "turquoise" and "bronze" - turquoise tone should be applied to the movable part of the century, and bronze - under the eyebrow. This bright, radiant makeup stylists Estee Lauder offer supplement ultratemnym purple nail polish. "Orchid" emphasizes the lips saturated fuksievo-purple tones, while his eyes made up less intense - Purple circuit is applied along the lash line, and the main part of the century lies shiny golden brown.

Spring makeup 2010: Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Lancome and other

Spring 2010 Makeup: "Cherry blossoms» Guerlain

Innocence, softness and harmony - is the motto of the new spring makeup collection from the luxurious French House Guerlain. Cherry Blossom Collection is inspired by a morning walk on a blossoming cherry orchard. Young beauty Natalia Vodianova embodies the idea of ​​delicate soft skin, rosy cheeks from the early cool, shining with the first rays of the sun eyes.Spring 2010 Makeup by Guerlain simulates the play of light and shadow on a beautiful woman's face. Pale face after winter blooms, filled with freshness and health.

In the limited edition of the legendary compact powder Météorites Voyage dominated pink and pearl colors. Mythic shade helps to give the skin a silky texture, smooth redness and imperfections. Perfect skin tone highlights blush Blush Éclat Cherry Blossom, and eye makeup, made the shadows Ombre Éclat 4 Couleurs, reminiscent of a light shade projected onto the face of flowering branches. This is a "lite" version of Smokey Aes - less dramatic and aggressive, but attractive and mysterious. It is created with the help of black and pink hues, reminiscent of the classic images of cherry blossoms, a symbol of reviving nature after winter sleep.

Spring makeup 2010: Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Lancome and other

Spring 2010 Makeup: "Colors of Nature" from The Body Shop

Transparent, gently contrasting colors of the new spring collection makeup Nature's Colour Collection by The Body Shop shine like paint renewal of nature. The new trend is represented Bodishop magical flower and revitalizes pastel colors. The main point of the eye makeup are - they are isolated using saturated blue-green-purple scale. Enliven the complexion innovative blush-stamp Cheek Blush. Brush-filled sponge compacted pigment applicator easily glides over the skin and did not get dirty - it can take with you in your purse. Brilliant shine, lip care completes the picture of a fashionable spring 2010 makeup shade of pink or coral.

Spring makeup 2010: Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Lancome and other

Spring 2010 Makeup: "Oh, my rose! »Lancome

Exuberant joy of life and sensual drive 60s evokes spring makeup Lancome created with a new line O My Rose! ("Oh, my rose!"). A hymn to the embodiment of femininity, which has inspired designers Lancome beauty bloom bud forthcoming.

Lip encouraged to use one of three similar shades, differing saturation: coral, tangerine sorbet or tangerine. Lipstick or gloss should be very easy, vinyl gloss. With a delicious sponge contrasts fatal deeper look - in order to emphasize it is necessary to use the "oil" shade of shadow (a hybrid of graphite with bluish "lining"). Porcelain face is achieved by a combination of matte shades of pink and gleaming ivory blush Pop'n'Cheeks. Nails decorated with "oil" or silvery light varnish.

Spring makeup 2010: Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Lancome and other

Spring 2010 Makeup: "Brightly colored» Clinique

The sun was hot, the birds are singing, the flowers bloom! And where there are flowers, there is not far to the fruit - that is dedicated to them limited collection Clinics «Juiced Up Colour». Juicy, crunchy, sweet cherries such, mango, pear, and ask that with their help we satisfy their vitamin deficiency.

Clinique makeup for spring 2010 focuses on the natural beauty of its natural brightness, only subtly emphasized by using cosmetics. Three-color powder-blush Fresh Picked Allover Colour makes the skin fresher, shadows Fresh Picked Eye Shadow, representing a combination of "Duchesne" golden marsh and yellowish beige or berry and nut, make eyes look more expressive and more, and the product makeup lips - Vitamin C Lip Smoothie will not only shine, but protection with a powerful portion of antioxidants.

Spring makeup 2010: Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Lancome and other

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