Lip augmentation

 Sensual and seductive female lips always attract attention of the opposite sex. That is why a growing number of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity seek any means to achieve the desired shape.

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If the nature of the woman blurred and fuzzy contour of the lips, it is their asymmetry, or just have a desire to highlight the lips to emphasize them, then you can resort to the helppermanent make-up.

This procedure is to introduce into the skin pigments. When this substance is not deeply that prevents damage nerve endings and blood vessels. This differs from the classical cosmetic tattooing.

The procedure itself is permanent makeup does not take much time, but previously held consultation with a specialist who selects individual color harmonizes well with the type and skin tone, hair color customer.

Also on the first consulting a specialist in cosmetic tattoo explain what problems may occur after the procedure. For example, people who have a tendency to herpetic eruptions on the lips, to recommend a preventive course antiherpethetical drugs a week before the permanent makeup.

This avoids the appearance of lesions, which may not be easy to bring discomfort, but also cause the disappearance of the pigment in their localization.

If a woman does not want to just make your lips more expressive, but also to increase their volume, here there are two options.

First - holding lipofilinga. This procedure consists in the introduction to his own lips the fat cells of the client. Lipofilinga advantage is the absence of side reactions of rejection or allergy as lip shape correction is performed by the patient's own fat.

 However, using fat cell is not always possible to predict the adaptation of adipose tissue, i.e., how uniformly it accustomed. Fat cells because of this can not evenly distributed that violate the desired shape of the lips.

The second option - the use of artificial gelsBy their injecting. Previously, the use of synthetic drugs based on acrylic or silicone. But this form of gels is foreign to the human body, so often encountered side effects such as inflammation, migration or gel seal. The solution of these problems was carried out only with the help of surgery.

Currently, the use biogels (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm) based on hyaluronic acid as correctors for lip augmentation eliminates such problems.

These drugs are well accepted by the human body and does not cause irritation. Part of the hyaluronic acid is able to retain around a large number of water molecules. Gels based on hyaluronic acid preparations are temporary because gradually resorbed within 4-8 months.

For a more lasting effect using this type of gel with the addition of synthetic substances. This lip shape correction lasts up to five years. Another option - several consecutive injections biogels, at intervals of 8 months. Injection preparations for the correction is performed under local anesthesia.

Contraindications to increase lip shape is the presence of herpes sores, exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute inflammation of the skin. In the presence of scars on the skin of the lips the end result is quite difficult to predict. Therefore, to correct these problems is better to choose a different method.

After the lip augmentation appears their swelling, which can hold up to three days and is sometimes accompanied by bruises, resolve within a week.

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