Festive makeup depending on the lighting

 Festive makeup differs from the usual day not only more saturated colors and glitter. When creating an image is very important to consider the nature of light. Because, it is the intensity and type of coverage depends on how it will look your holiday makeup. Women's magazine JustLady offers some advice from a professional makeup artist to help look your best in different situations New Year - at the disco, by candlelight, in the office, at the outbreak of the camera.

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When the light flashes (And the photos for the New Year the most common case) makeup very noticeable and lightens any imperfections of the skin, in addition to photographs obtained bruising around the eyes, as well as the deep shadows under the nose and lips.

Under bright light flashes and changes hue face, so owners have blue eyes, it becomes reddish, while the brown-eyed yellowish or greenish.

To avoid this, it is best to use a masking tone cream and apply it very evenly. If your skin is prone to fat, then after applying the cream additionally powder the face to avoid unnecessary shine.

Eyeliner can be intense, and ink applied more thickly than usual. Tip: look directly into the lens, then turn on your face less shadows.

At the disco Every girl wants to be the queen. Here, the intensity, direction, and even the color of the light is constantly changing, which increases the contrasts: dark shadows seem darker, light concealer appears almost white.

A thick layer of foundation and powder makes a person tired and old, so would be the best disco light liquid foundation. Arrange on his face lighting accents emphasize using perlomutrovogo or silver pencil lower eyelid, and on top put a purple tone.

Foundation for a brighter tone, applied around the eyes and nose, give face glow effect. Be careful, some tonal resources contain particles that are in the disco light shine, so it's best to test in advance.

For seductive lips nakraste their lipstick saturated colors and apply a top transparent beige sheen.

Candlelight considered the most romantic, but it can put your make-up is not in the best light. Candle flame gives a warm light, so the makeup should be applied cold tones. Pink and bluish hues give a person the freshness, while the bright warm colors simply dissolved in the candlelight.

Try lilac-pink palette with dark gray accents. Concealer is necessary to choose a tone lighter than usual. Candles illuminate the face is usually below that casts no shadow on the very attractive face, so before a romantic dinner, take care to candles stood at the level of the person, then you stand in the most favorable light.

Corporate parties New Year's time to business as usual, they are often carried out directly in the workplace. In most offices use neon lights that can illuminate even the most negative light makeup.

Since light bulbs falls vertically from above, makes it particularly noticeable circles under the eyes, in this case works perfectly camouflage pencil and powder with shiny particles.

Apply Concealer need, starting from the outer edge of the lower eyelid, gradually approaching the lash line.

Let stardust and touch you! Be beautiful!

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