Chapped Lips

 Exposure to cold wind, scorching sun and dry climate - are the main factors that cause chapped lips. On the pages of women's magazine JustLady about how to care for lips in winter

Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids in winter, so that the skin has always been well moistened. On the lips no sebaceous glands, so they should moisturize from the inside. Chapped lips can not lick and nibble on - it will only aggravate the situation. Saliva contains digestive enzymes, even more dry out the skin on the lips. In cold weather, always carry a lip balm or chapstick to prevent dryness.

It is best to take care of lips in the evening before bedtime.

Recommend the following skin care program.

Initially put on quite a lot of lip balm or Vaseline to lips and leave for a few minutes. Then warm cloth slightly moistened with water or toothbrush to gently swipe the lips to remove dry, flaky skin. Then apply another, more subtle layer of balm or Vaseline to lips healed per night.

If the next morning lips still dry, use healing lip balm, which can be applied as a base for lipstick. By the way, until they are healed lip beauticians recommend to refrain from using lipstick.

If you spend a long time in the sun, dryness and chapped lips can be caused by sunburn, so be sure to use sunscreen or balm with SPF-filter.

Another reason for the dryness of the lips lies in the wrong diet. Iron deficiency or vitamin B complex can lead to peeling lips, so healthy, balanced diet and intake of multivitamins are so important.

When his lips finally returned to normal, it is important to prevent dry skin. Before going out, always use a lip balm, both day and night.

Try to use lipstick with moisturizing effect or tinted lip balm. In winter, do not use matte lipstick containing at least emollients, or do not contain them at all. In addition, during this period should be avoided as persistent lipsticks - they practically do not contain oils, skin so strongly dried.

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