Magic sexy-looking

Magic sexy-looking
 Every woman wants to have a magical look that crazy man. That's how you look sideways, lead the eyebrow, and the man is already beginning to look embarrassed, afraid to believe in what you see it in his direction. So what it should be, this gaze?

In any case not a direct and bold, but rather shy and a bit shy. At least in the initial stages of the relationship and, moreover, the first introduction. Women tend to shy, here and train humble opinion. This can be done at home in front of the mirror, just try to imagine how you will look at the object of his passion, but not the "head", and as if from afar.

Very good acting look without turning his head. You seem to want to take him away, and now turned in the opposite direction, and his eyes still strive to go back and look at me once more.

If you see that a man looks at you with interest, do not turn away in embarrassment and pretend that you do not notice. If your interest is mutual, show it! Look at him in response. The game of "peepers" from ancient times is considered the most popular among men and women have for each other sympathy. You can really learn a lot about a man just looking at his face or studying his eyes.

There is one more bag of tricks - a look over his shoulder. Scientists have shown that on a subconscious level female shoulders, baring if it excites men no less than a deep cut neckline. But if you can capture the moment and throw on his chosen languid playful look through its enchanting bare shoulder, you can be sure that it will drive him mad instantly.

Previously, among the beauties were quite popular dilated pupils. Look "eye, which can drown" - so poetically called this man. In fact, everything is explained by the simple physiology. When a woman is excited and feels a strong sexual attraction, the pupils are automatically expanded. This signal is perceived by a man on a subconscious level and just has a strong stimulating effect.

Now to achieve this effect instilled into the eyes belladonna already optional. Pupils dilate when the contrast of light and dark consecration as well, if you look long on a distant object, and then abruptly translate opinion on something, located very close to you.

There is another way to give your look a special tone. Think about something very exciting. Yeah yeah! Imagine making love, or like a man caresses you, and you will enjoy it. Hold this feeling, let him fully, breathe deeply and sensually, and now take a look at the object of his passion. You can be sure that what you're thinking, will be transferred along with your eyes, and the man caught his inner fire. Women look so very rare, but if you look, the man has nowhere to go!

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