How can I make the eyes

How can I make the eyes
 The fact that the eyes - a mirror of the soul, already it is no secret. But, unfortunately, we often forget that the eyes, as well as some of the features of our soul, it is necessary to emphasize competently. Follow these tips, and you will always be charming look.

Those ladies who have bulging eyes, makeup artists recommend the use of dark shadows, light shadows, use the above the line of the orbit. Place under the eyebrows highlight. Emphasize opinion pencil eyeliner, apply to upper eyelid as close to the lashes. Avoid shiny and pearly shades.


If you have small eyes, it is best to use a lighter shade on the entire surface of the eyelids. Apply a darker shade along the orbit, the center of the century and place under the eyebrows highlight. To visually enlarge the eyes, use eye liner under the lower lashes. Soft white shade, apply within a century.


Owners of close-set eyes need light shade. Apply them from the inner corner to the center of the upper eyelid, and the shadows a little darker shade, apply from the center to the outer corner. Liner apply from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner and from the middle of the lower eyelid to the outer corner.


If you have deep-set eyes, choose a shade of pale, cool tones on the lower eyelids, highlight the center line of the orbit of the century to the eyelashes.


Girls with wide-set eyes makeup artists recommend to put the dark shadow on the inner corners of the eyes and to the side of the nose. Lighter shade applied to the exterior of the century, be sure to allocate space for the eyebrows.


Owners round eyes is recommended to apply the dark shade on the inner corner of the eye, and at the outer corner - light. Bright shadow or pencil impose on the lower eyelid.

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