The truth about the cud ask our teeth

 Every day on television we look at white-toothed young people who conquer their fresh breath counter beauties, and at the same time threatening carious monsters. All this pageant to us at the next purchase in the supermarket put in the basket a small package of gum. Of course, it is unlikely you seriously believe that freshening gum will help to join the secret agents, but hope that now that your teeth are protected. Whatever it was not anything that we see in advertising, can be trusted.

That gum, which has just appeared in the USSR, is very different from today's. The original and the main market of consumers had children: newfangled nesedaemaya predominantly pink candy with different flavors immediately was affectionately dubbed "zhuvachku" and become the envy and admiration. Everything else, especially trained in this gum holders could take the form of a bubble that was not at all new. Over time, the gum were important therapeutic and preventive function: by preventing tooth decay before bleaching and strengthen teeth.

Gum and teeth

1. Bleaching

An important indicator of the state of their teeth is white. Smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, insufficient cleaning of the tooth surface - all this leads to yellowing. And then we are on the recommendations of leading dentists are starting to resort to using the whitening gum.

I hasten to disappoint gum completely unable to remove plaque: it is too tenacious for it.
Few exceptions, can serve as a solid gum granules in its composition, which can slightly "poshkryabat" the tooth surface. However, no gum can not replace complete cleaning of toothpaste.

2. Prevention of tooth decay
Another important advantage is considered gum caries prevention. Cause tooth decay are food residues that are not cleared from the mouth and eventually become a cause of destruction of the protective surface of the tooth.

She cud not get into hard to reach areas of the mouth, but due to its powerful saliva promotes additional "Rinse" and as a result, eliminates the unnecessary pieces.
But here it is worth considering a small caveat: if caries already exists, then the random jam gum in his mouth can only accelerate the process of destruction.

3. Strengthening the mandibular joint and gums
Given that most of our food is soft, does not require active mastication, and do we, frankly, no lover of long and thoughtful food intake, our mandibular joint is insufficient trained and developed. To keep your mouth in a working tone, Dentists are advised to use chewing gum after every meal, starting from 3-5 minutes of active chewing and gradually increasing the interval. Of course, this tip is applicable only if no inflammation or damage mandibular joint.

Other useful features

4. Gum and digestion

In addition to dental gum qualities, often referred to and digestive. Saliva stimulated by chewing movements with additional increases our digestive activity. This allows faster and easier to digest everything that has been eaten. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise reworking all the food, our stomach starts to eat itself, because the other had no choice: the food is over, and the saliva remained.

5. Gum and concentration, thinking and memory

Among the achievements of gum also means improving and focus. During the Korean War, American troops were supplied with a specially delicious gum to soldiers could maximize concentration to perform its task. And according to British scientists, the use of chewing gum can affect the development of thinking and memory. In this case, I really liked the director's commentary educational complex Sergei Gorbunov, published in the newspaper "Chelyabinsk worker": "According to my long-term observations, schoolchildren when they chew, head for some reason does not work. So I doubt about chewing as a sign of intelligence, but that is a sign of lack of culture - for sure. "

I can not disagree with the fact that the use of chewing gum should be due not only to its beneficial qualities, but also appropriate in certain situations.

Gum or baby teeth

A single word - childish teeth. First of all, it is obligatory gum without sugar: not strong enamel is more susceptible to its effects, than the enamel "adult" teeth.

Do all chewing gum child - a moot point. On the one hand, the strengthening of the jaw joint, and improved digestion has not been canceled, on the other hand, by myself I can not say that chewing gum so necessary for children. Caries can easily handle meets the minimum requirements of hygiene, has not yet had time to disrupt the digestion of the young organism does not require additional stimulation of salivation, and strengthening of joint much more successfully carried out by eating carrots or useful apples. Children as chewing gum can seriously harm: accidentally swallowed gum during the game, stuck in the throat, esophagus or intestine, will bring a lot of trouble.

However, if your favorite child still insists on the inclusion of Buble-GUM in his diet, and you can not do anything to him about it, it makes sense to pay attention to the special children's chewing gum without sugar, while strictly limiting the time and frequency of chewing up 5 7 minutes 2 times a day, or as a safe alternative to buy baby chewy candy which "end" for a few minutes.
How to chew, to have fun and do not hurt yourself

Thus, among the apparent beneficial properties "zhuvachku" paid off: getting rid of the oral cavity from food residues, jaw joint training and help the digestive system. Everything else, rubber candy able freshen breath and give it any fruit and berry flavor, what you choose to showcase. Perhaps the time of action is not as long as advertised, but it is better to smell just eaten a salad. It remains to mark a very important point, without which all the useful properties of gum come to naught - chewing time. The most common recommendation is as follows: the gum apply no more than two or three times a day after meals and not longer than 5-7 minutes. While, however, if you need a special focus, I think, our bodies just extra 10-20 minutes jaw diligence. By the way, here's a taste of cinnamon and mint ended.

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