Plastic surgery - there is no alternative? Thermage ...

 Every woman wants to look beautiful and young, but not everyone is ready to go under the surgeon's scalpel. Anesthesia, heavy rehabilitation period and a fear of surgery causes many women to seek alternatives to youth. System ThermaCool - the only non-surgical device for lifting facial tissues and body. Those who have tried this system on themselves, they say that it is a miracle!

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Q .:In the miracles I stopped believing in 6 years, when I learned that there is no Santa Claus. What is the evidence that the unit ThermaCool can work wonders?

Plastic surgery - there is no alternative? Thermage ...Nina Rybinsk - a specialist in non-surgical skin tightening. Rybinsk Nina Germanovna, chief doctor of the clinic "Lanthanum"Miracles - it is certainly from fairy tales. ThermaCool - is just the latest development of scientists in the field of hardware cosmetology, but the results, which allows the unit to receive, is really impressive. You see, I'm a doctor myself, myself heading plastic surgery clinic and, if the results of the application of ThermaCool surprised even me, the patient says it is a miracle.

Q .: So what is the "miracle"? That this device can such that it can not a surgeon's scalpel?

Surgeon's scalpel leaves the body the patient should be in the form of a scar. ThermaCool achieves the same effect as after plastic surgery, but without:

- Long-term rehabilitation
- Without anesthesia
- No seams

Q .: Are you saying that if the patient is hanging skin after ThermaCool she miraculously disappear?

It will not go away, it will be tightened. Understand skin droops because our collagen fibers at a young age have the form of tightly twisted spiral and eventually these spirals comes apart. It's like with pigtails girls. So ThermaCool tones these collagen fibers and again their braids. In this way not only the skin is tightened, it becomes more dense, elastic, in adolescence. This is exactly what the surgeon's scalpel can not really do - restore skin elasticity.

Q .: How is that possible? Due to what? This is another kind of laser?

ThermaCool effect on human tissue radiofrequency energy. That is not the light energy (laser), is a completely new principle of lifting the skin. And unlike lasers ThermaCool procedure allows for any type of skin.

Q .: Radio waves? It is said that the mobile phone radio waves are dangerous, and what happens to the human brain when it is exposed to behold such a device?

In the mobile phone and the device Thermage, different wavelengths. And the waves ThermaCool simply do not reach the brain, even if the person's face is processed. This is proven by clinical studies of 300 000 people. And then, this unit is used in Germany and Switzerland, and, of course, in America. If it was found to be the slightest suspicion that the device has a negative impact on the brain, in these countries, it would have long ago banned. There are such things were not kidding.

Q .: You do plastic surgery. Tell me frankly, how much this device is effective in comparison with plastic surgery?

Approximately 70%. That is, if the effectiveness of face-lift is taken as 100%, the effect of ThermaCool will be 70%. But this applies only to the effect of skin tightening. But given the fact that after the application ThermaCool no scars, scars, do not need to sit at home for weeks in bandages, no pain, improves the quality of the skin itself, the effectiveness of ThermaCool superior to any plastic surgery.

Q .: Probably still not any? For example, the correction of the nose or ears, breast augmentation ...

True, but even at the beginning we have stipulated that the machine ThermaCool for skin tightening. For example, if a woman wants to get rid of flabby stomach after giving birth, any plastic surgeon will recommend her abdominoplasty. This seam is about 30 cm long postoperative period, when just hard to walk, possible complications. But if the tummy tuck, the seam after surgery can hide under the bikini, what a woman do if she wants to tighten the skin on the hands or feet. Wait for years until the long, vertical joints after surgery turn white? In such cases, there is simply no alternative ThermaCool!

Q .: Yes, it's true, but plastic surgery can be necessary to do once in your life, and go to you on procedures have probably often?

The effect of plastic surgery is also not eternal. For example, a facelift will have to be repeated every 5 or every 10 years. The effect of the application of the device ThermaCool lasts at least 3 years. And the result is visible immediately after the procedure and then again in 6 months he progresses.

Q .: And the price? How much does that cost?

It depends on the application, but the average is two to three times cheaper than similar plastic surgery.

Q .: In your clinic who works directly on this unit?

I myself ... I went through special training to work with this unit and can boast that proved to be very capable student. Already official representation ThermaCool invites me to other clinics and other countries to conduct master classes for working on this machine.

Q .: How are plastic surgeons working in your clinic to the appearance of this unit? They are not afraid that will not work?

One of them said that he would have to leave on indefinite leave, but it's certainly a joke. In medicine, everything is done according to the indications for surgery and the principle of individual approach is most relevant. Therefore ThermaCool not a substitute for a plastic surgeon, but complements it.

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