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 Summer - time of beautiful flowers and herbs that are not only pleasing to the eye and the soul, but become our helpers in the eternal struggle for perfection and krasotu.Starinnye new "herbal and floral" recipes for foot care simple and extremely effective.

Apricot pits. The legs are not sweating, you can use apricot pits. They should be in a coffee grinder to grind, dilute with water to give slurry, and apply as a mask on the soles for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse feet.

Cornflower. Ice cubes of frozen infusion of flowers of cornflower and chamomile - a great tool prevention of varicose veins. In combination with a light massage, this refreshing and useful procedure ensures the beauty of the legs.

Blue clay. To the skin of the feet was soft, it should make a mask with blue clay. It is diluted with water, to get a slurry, and applied to the feet. When the mask dries, wash off with warm water, clay and smeared feet nourishing cream.

Baths with St. John's wort and thyme - An indispensable tool nail care. These herbal treatments well strengthen nails and soften the skin around them, in addition, this procedure will help prevent burrs.

Calendula - A great tool prevention of fungal diseases. 2 tablespoons of marigold seeds of boiling water and add to the foot bath. If the infection could not be avoided, and there cornification, cracking and peeling, use lamizilom.

Marine and river sand - Great for peeling feet, which replaces the summer exfoliating creams and scrubs. Even the most coarsened foot after a week of walking barefoot on the sand or sea pebbles will be soft and silky. Very useful after a walk to rub your feet wet sand. Generally, walking barefoot - it is also a wonderful foot massage has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Chamomile. Tired legs "animates" salt water or cool baths from a mixture of chamomile flowers, flaxseed and greenery horsetail. Take 2 tablespoons. l. each of the components zaley 2 liters of boiling water and infuse for 2 hours.

Sage. Foot bath infusion of sage leaves are struggling with peeling shins, corns and cracks on feet. After a bath you should apply an emollient cream.

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