Modern cosmetic medicine can be proud of themselves. Liposuction, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy, lipomodelirovanie, laser, ultrasound and even a great many ways to combat a single problem - fatty deposits, generously covered with "orange peel". No wonder that the head of the poor candidates for the graceful forms of all of these terms are torn in disarray and the poor woman does not know in what she should rush to extremes.

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And then, as always, readers will come to the aid of a women's magazine JustLady. We hope that with our help, you will be able to put the terms in orderly rows that will surely help you decide. And today, we consider in detail one of the methods referred tolipolysis.

If you try to learn the meaning of the word in the dictionary, it is only more confusing. Wikipedia, for example, the definition is accompanied by a dozen more of the same horrific verbal constructions. I therefore propose not to go, but just to clarify thatlipolysis - Is the process of splitting fat. It is based on it and the method of the same name.

Elektrolipoliz - A procedure during which act on fat shocks. As a result of the metabolic processes in the fat cells are activated. Fat becomes less dense and is in the extracellular space. Under normal conditions, without additional stimulation it only happens when the body urgently needs energy, and to take it anymore nowhere, except from fat reserves.

But in order to simulate a situation in which you have worked long and hard to diet without fat and zhiroobrazuyuschih substances. Then released fats are converted into energy, pre-disintegrated into simpler substances. If this energy is not spending, or add a bit of the wrong foods, the whole process will recoil - fats are again locked inside the fat cells.

That Is Whylipolysis lipolysisAnd somehow remove the released fat is still needed. Excellent natural remedy is exercise. When extreme laziness can to some extent replace them myostimulation and lymphatic drainage. At The Momentlipolysis carried out using devices that combine this procedure with lymphatic drainage, and sometimes even with myostimulation.

Hopefully, the scheme is clear.

Now more detail aboutkinds of lipolysis.
Elektrolipoliz distinguish two kinds epicutaneous (application method) and subcutaneous (needle).

Cutaneous method involves the use of special pads, which are then fed through the direction of the electric pulses. Fat cells in this case is not going away, they simply reduced in size. Technique also promises weight loss and cellulite smoothing. The procedure takes 40 minutes and requires no anesthesia and recovery period.

Usually the effect of the procedure becomes noticeable in 7-10 days. Should not rely on a single procedure, the recommended amount of 6-10 combined with lymphatic drainage. Intervals between treatments typically 5-7 days.

Subcutaneous method. Atneedle elektrolipoliz special needle, which enters the current entered directly under the skin. In the place of occurrence of fat entered pyatnadtsatisantimetrovye needle, an average of one hip falls half a dozen such needle electrodes. On them and enters the current variable frequency. It is believed that such a procedure is eight times more effectiveelectrode (cutaneous) lipolysis. Duration of treatment is 1, 5 hours. This procedure is associated with trauma to the skin, is contraindicated in certain diseases, which will tell you doctor.

Unfortunately none of the methods are not able to remove the rough skin imperfections caused by cellulite, so they should remain visible.

The appearance of the first results in each case, especially individual case. Individually determined by the number of procedures.

It is noticed that the results are stored for a longer time for those who adhere to the diet. That is mainly uses low-fat meat, herbs and vegetables.

Also during thelipolysis you have to drink a lot to bring the decay products and toxins, activate metabolism.

Also distinguishvacuum lipolysis. Its effect is based on the use of vacuum in the problem areas. Simply put - this vacuum massage. When using this method, there is often extensive bruising in the procedure. While modern cell phones are equipped with sensitive sensors, it is still going on. The consequences depend on the professionalism of a specialist who conducts the procedure.

This method improves blood circulation and lymph flow, supply cells with oxygen, improves muscle tone. As in other cases, a single procedure will not do here.

Today, increasingly heard about the methodlaser lipolysis. This is none other than the laser liposuction. The essence of the method consist in the fact that a patient is injected under the skin of the finest tube diameter of 1 mm. Through it and goes into fat cells, laser radiation stimulates lipolytic processes. Subsequently, the released fat is sucked off, as occurs in classical liposuction, and displays the body through the liver.

In other matters, if you wish to speed up the process, it can be pumped out by vacuum.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and does not cause much discomfort. At the end of the patient spends 1 hour per ward to recuperate and then can safely leave the clinic. After the treatment for 7-10 days is not recommended for heavy exercise. Pronounced effect afterlaser lipolysis is evident within 2-4 weeks.

Another kind oflipolysis - Ultrasound Lipolysis. Its essence is that the problem areas are fixed on special plates through which the low-frequency and high-frequency ultrasonic pulses. Variable frequency can influence both the surface and in the deeper layers of fat. Usually this kind of exposure is recommended in complex programs to reduce weight and cellulite treatment, and the results can be noticed after 4 weeks of regular procedures.

That's all aboutlipolysis. We have tried to collect all available information, and we hope that it will help you in choosing.

Alexander Panyutin
Women's magazine JustLady

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